a large retailer in middle east avoided costly upgrades to legacy systems by leapfrogging to RPA 

In business and in everyday life the last few steps are often the most problematic and most inefficient. The Last Mile Problem (LMP) is more pervasive than we would have otherwise thought. In the field of IT, the last mile problem inhibits businesses from empowering themselves. Has your enterprise ever spent a huge sum of money on a promising enterprise software, only to realize that it’s highly inflexible post implementation? 

RPA systems such as Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere (AA) are designed from the ground up to solve the last mile problems faced by organizations. These RPA systems can seamlessly use your existing policies and frameworks and achieve interaction between your existing IT systems (hence enterprise safe) by using software robots (bots) to achieve these tasks. Explore in detail how RPA is solving the Last Mile Problem in enterprise IT. 

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    Why Robotic Process Automation for the Last Mile Problem in IT?


    No change required to your existing applications


    Seamlessly achieve interaction between your existing systems

    unprecedented scale

    . You can simply scale horizontally by adding more of digital workers

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