About the webinaR 

Most of the contract lifecycle management applications in the market offer highly specialized COTS/SaaS solutions that would not only require customers to move away from all of their existing investments but introduce a non-unified user experience. Using a low-code accelerator-based approach to contract management powered by Appian protects the existing investments, breaks down application “silos” and modernizes apps without the cost, complexity, delay, and pain of traditional system consolidation.

In this webinar, learn more about Vuram’s Contract Management System powered by Appian and how it can add value to your enterprise.


The webinar will explore


  • About Vuram
  • Why enterprises need efficient contract management?
  • Introduction to Vuram’s Contract Management System
  • Business Impact



greg adams 

Senior Director, Global Partner Solutions, Appian


raghav Sriram

Vice President, Global Sales and Customer Success, Vuram

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