Fighting the “Paperless Office” Myth With AI-powered Document Processing


17th March 2021



30 Minutes

About the webinaR 

Is the paperless office a myth or reality? It turns out to be a myth: paper and digital documents do consume resources. Organizations have been using OCR-based tools to tackle the issue. But is it accurate enough to automate document processing? Artificial Intelligence can intelligently automate document processing with greater accuracy and efficiency. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)  can allow organizations to achieve the straight-through processing they go after.

In this webinar, learn how organizations are using IDP to boost accuracy and efficiency while providing better customer and employee experiences.

The webinar explores

  • How artificial intelligence has shifted the perceptions of automated document processing?
  • Why Appian IDP is being adopted to solve document-centric processes?
  • How use cases like “Quote to Cash”  can be automated from end to end?



Prittam Bagani

Senior Director of Product Strategy, Appian

At Appian, Prittam Bagani is responsible for Appian’s strategy and go-to-market for Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities. Prittam has been directly involved in the development and delivery of enterprise software solutions for over 10 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from India and a Master’s in Quality and Manufacturing Management from The Pennsylvania State University.


Narendran Thillaisthanam

Vice President, Emerging Technologies, Vuram

Narendran Thillaisthanam comes with more than two decades of experience in the technology domain spanning product management and core software development/architecture. He heads the Emerging Technologies division at Vuram where his team specializes in RPA, Analytics, and Ai (specifically Document Ai & OCR) technologies.


Join Prittam and Naren as they explore how Appian IDP can help enterprises increase accuracy and efficiency in document processing. Please fill the form below and we’ll mail you the link to the recording!

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