cultural show

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM EDT

An enthralling display of various dance forms from India. Immerse yourself in a melange of colors and mesmerizing moves.

Opening keynote

9:05 AM – 9:15 AM EDT
opening Keynote address: Welcome remarks, overview of the expo, highlights

The opening keynote will give you a brief glimpse into the potential of hyperautomation, how it’s creating an impact in the business environment, and provide a walkthrough of the EXPO, the various takeaways attendees can gain, plus insights into Vuram’s hyperautomation expertise.

Join the opening keynote to understand the significance of the event and how you can align your business strategies to get future-ready.

Arjun Devadas
Senior Vice President, Professional Services & Operations (Americas), Vuram

spotlight session

9:20 AM – 9:50 AM EDT
Low-code transformation in the media industry: Making work less manual, more intelligent

Low-code automation is pervading almost every sector and industry, finding its application even in niches such as Entertainment and Media. It’s proving to be an effective tool in empowering enterprises to achieve their digital transformation vision. From revamping manual processes, delivering speed to increasing agility in the face of uncertainty, low-code’s potential remains uncontested. For Discovery’s Eurosport, managing translations, graphics, approval flows and other elements for their campaigns was largely a manual, cumbersome spreadsheet-based task. Post automation with Appian, Eurosport was able to streamline and automate the process succesfully connecting people, workflows and data in a single application.

In this session, set out on a journey of exploration with Tony Perez from Discovery Inc. on how they managed to move on from legacy systems and transformed their campaign management process with Appian’s powerful low-code capabilities.

You’ll explore:

  • Digital transformation in Entertainment and Media sector

  • Eurosport’s manual setup and its limitations

  • Low-code’s role and Appian adoption journey

  • Business benefits and ROI

  • The vision for the future

Tony Perez
Director, Application Strategy and Product Development

Networking break

9:50 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

Take a break, grab some coffee and hit the networking lounge for interactions

Interactive session

10:00 AM – 10:20 AM EDT
What's brewing? South Indian Filter Coffee

BPM, RPA, AI, Analytics…but first coffee! Start your day at Vuram’s HyperautomationEXPO by brewing your cup of South Indian Filter Coffee. Making an authentic South Indian filter coffee is an unmatched experience. There are coffee lovers who’ll go at length on the right ratio of decoction, milk, and sugar. At Vuram’s HyperautomationEXPO, we bring the entire experience to you. Brew it the traditional way along with our own coffee lover.* As the ground coffee powder-infused water drips through the filter, learn about the history and techniques to make it the right way. 

*Participation on a first-come basis. The necessary equipment will be shipped to the participants’ addresses prior to the event. 

    Balaji Sridhar
    Director – Canada Delivery & Operations
    Brindha Christy Elizabeth
    Director, Services

    sponsor session

    10:20 AM – 10:40 AM EDT 
    Seven Secrets to Maximize Business Impact and ROI Using Automation

    The modern-age business dynamics demand automation that goes beyond the basic. It’s not just about automating manual, repetitive tasks, rather today’s enterprises require a complete automation solution penetrating across workflows, processes, tasks, and people. Appian is the only recognized leader across business process automation, intelligent automation, low-code application development, and case management. In this session, Prittam Bagani, Senior Director of Product Strategy, will uncover seven secrets to maximizing business impact and ROI using automation.


    Find out all about how you can maximize your automation outcome, right from defining a holistic technology strategy to choosing a platform that scales with your needs.



    Prittam Bagani 
    Senior Director of Product Strategy


    Solution Launch

    10:45 AM – 11:15 AM EDT
    Intelligent contract lifecycle management - The future of contracts on cutting- edge technologies

    Coinciding with growing digitization needs post-pandemic where remote working is the new normal, intelligent contract management system has become the need of the hour. How can your business keep pace with it? What are the must-have intelligent CLM features you should look for? Tune in as our experts guide you through today’s contract management uncertainties and exclusively launch Vuram’s new Contract Management Solution loaded with striking new features to tackle modern CLM challenges.

    Sireesha Gangavarapu
    Product Manager
    Karthik Nagaraj
    Senior Business Analyst

    Networking break

    11:15 AM – 11:30 AM EDT

    Take a quick break, play some games, chat with others, and get refreshed before the next session.

    spotlight session

    11:30 AM- 12:00 noon EDT 
    Delivering Digital Transformation – How to set up and scale your business processes?

    The key to any successful digital transformation strategy lies in evaluation, ideation, implementation and constant improvement – and that’s exactly what HarbourVest did! HarbourVest Partners has successfully implemented several digital transformation programs and has amassed extensive expertise in leveraging low-code to aid their transformation effort. From reimagining their business processes to change management to setting up a Center of Excellence to drive continuous improvement, HarbourVest’s transformation journey demonstrates how enterprises can set up and scale their business processes to deliver real results. Join this session where Anne Urquhart takes you down the road of how they managed to create a sustainable culture of transformation.


    You’ll learn:

    • The need for changing the way we work
    • Establishing a Center of Excellence
    • Reimagining Business Processes before Tech Development
    • How to create a strong process ownership
    • Delivering business results
    • Driving adoption and change management
    Anne Urquhart
    Senior Business Process Engineer
    HarbourVest Partners

    Panel discussion

    12:00 noon – 12:20 PM EDT
    Hyperautomation: Accelerating the Value of Automation

    In a rapidly changing business environment, automation at scale is quickly becoming the new normal. Gartner predicts that industry adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) will reach 85% in some form by 2022, and hyperautomation (rapid automation using a combination of automation tools) will be at the core of these automation efforts.

    Why the growth and why should organizations care?   

    Hyperautomation transforms every aspect of organizational functions from finance, tax, HR, and IT to supply chain, regulatory compliance, and customer care. It delivers significant return on investment and long-term benefits. World-class, best-in breed organizations are now combining robotic, intelligent, and autonomous capabilities to aid their people – widening the scope of impact across the back and front office. 

    AI-driven capabilities should include process mining, task mining, and monitoring, supporting scalable intelligent automation to help enterprises decide to give an empirical reality of their current process and how to transform it to make digital transformation real.

    Join Blue Prism intelligent automation leaders for a panel discussion on how hyperautomation is transforming operations and creating new opportunities to grow and scale your customer experience.

    Key topics:

    • The latest technology trends and use cases from successful companies who have adopted hyperautomation.
    • Business outcomes from IA and metrics for measuring success.
    • Growing capabilities like process & task mining and how they can be combined with automation for process intelligence.
    • Keys to creating a strategy and operating model to realize the long-term benefits of IA.
    Bruce Mazza 
    VP, Technology Alliances Program
    Blue Prism
    John Walden
    CTO, Americas
    Blue Prism
    Lew Rubinstein
    Senior Program Director, IA Solutions
    Blue Prism
    12:20 PM – 12:40 PM EDT
    Virtual chocolate truffle tasting

    Vuram’s chocolate expert Patrice Williams definitely knows how to enjoy chocolates. And he can transport you through a sensory world of chocolates. Sounds fun? Just show your interest while registering for the event, and we’ll ship a gorgeous chocolate hamper right to your doorstep. All you have to do is unwrap and experience them live with our chocolate expert during the EXPO .

    *Participation on a first-come basis. 

    **Please disclose allergenic information while registering

    Patrice Williams
    HR Operations Manager

    special offer

    12:40 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    HALO - Hyperautomation Lounge Offer

    Hyperautomation Lounge Offer (HALO) facilitates a casual conversation on hyperautomation between you and Vuram experts, with absolutely no strings attached. Whether you want to know ‘What is Hyperautomation?’ or need to explore ‘Real-life Hyperautomation Use Cases’, Vuram experts will invest their time to answer all your Hyperautomation-related queries. Join this session to understand what HALO is all about and how it can add value to your enterprise!

    Boopathy Rajendran
    Senior Vice President, Delivery and Services

    Closing Address 

    1:00 PM EDT
    A quick recap of the event and event closure
    Arjun Devadas
    Senior Vice President, Professional Services & Operations (Americas), Vuram

    solution showcase

    Available on-demand
    Transforming App building with low-code workflow

    Enterprises operating in today’s fast-paced digital world need to roll out apps at warp speed. A slow approval workflow is the biggest challenge in attaining the same – adding complexities and lengthening the building cycle. How businesses can take control of these workflows to accelerate functional applications in shorter time frames? Join the session to discuss tips, tricks, trends, and more.


    Vikram Goyal
    Technical Architect
    Shwetha Rajanna
    Senior Consultant

    Expert Session

    Available on-demand
    Driving Automation Excellence: Build your RPA CoE

    An RPA Center of Excellence is vital to entrench RPA in organizations that have a longer automation roadmap. To set up a well-functioning CoE, you need to adopt the right strategy and have an understanding of the tools and processes involved. In this session, Vuram’s RPA experts will take you through:

    -The benefits of having an RPA CoE

    -Processes and tools required to set up an RPA CoE

    -Who are the key stakeholders to run the CoE?

    -Measuring the business value of an RPA CoE

    Narendran Thillaisthanam
    Vice President, Emerging Technologies
    Rajeshwaran Ramaswamy
    Technical Delivery Manager

    expert session

    Available on-demand
    Achieving Hyperautomation with low-code: The next frontier in driving high impact business transformation

    Given the need for businesses to rapidly adapt in the face of the challenges posed by the turbulent landscape, business leaders have placed lowcode at the core of their transformation vision. However, lowcode can do more than just delivering speed, agility, and ease for business transformation. Its potential can further be augmented by converging with other emerging tools and technologies such as RPA, AI, Analytics, Machine Learning, OCR, NLP, etc to achieve hyperautomation, thereby unlocking powerful new possibilities for businesses.

    This expert-driven session will explore how lowcode automation can be a powerful tool in enabling enterprises to move from intelligent automation to hyperautomation and how it can drive high impact, high speed business transformation

    What you’ll learn:

    -The need for end-to-end business transformation

    – Accelerating transformation with lowcode

    -What is hyperautomation? All about the hyperautomation toolkit

    Lowcode: A powerful tool in achieving hyperautomation

    Hyperautomation in action: Business impact



    Ryan Ledwith 
    Director, Northeast Sales


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