Vuram has been named as a Contender in the ISG Provider Lens 2021 Digital Business – Solutions and Services Report for the U.S., in the Digital Business Consulting Services and Digital Customer Experience Services  quadrants.

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG (Information Services Group) has recognized Vuram as a Contender in its ISG Provider Lens™ 2021 Digital Business – Services Report for the U.S., in the Digital Business Consulting Services and Digital Customer Experience Services  quadrants.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation by three to five years and has led to increased dependency on digital service providers for building and refining digital business models, fostering a culture that prioritizes experimentation and using technology and data to establish competitive advantages.  This has created a robust demand environment for IT and service providers. 

This ISG Provider Lens™ 2021 Digital Business – Solutions and Services, U.S. report analyzes and identifies the relevant digital software vendors/service providers.

Vuram – 2021 ISG Provider Lens Contender

Digital Business Consulting Services

According to the report, Vuram’s “empathy first, technology next” approach in Consulting Services is unique, helping it to deliver and strive by better understanding the business requirement and adding value throughout engagements.

Digital Customer Experience Services

ISG’s report identifies Vuram as a strong contender in the space, significantly enhancing its digital service capabilities by developing in-house tools and solutions. It has a dedicated team of UX experts who specialize in empathy mapping and customer journeys, bringing  in innovative UI prototypes and designs.

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    “Vuram aims to be at the forefront of digital transformation and for which they have adopted a unique ‘Empathy First, Technology next’ approach’. Vuram demonstrates strong experience in supporting clients with their highly effective hyperautomation services but now are building on their objective of being recognized as a complete market solution, which offers automation using OCR, DocAI, Bots, AI/ML & Analytics for supporting end-to-end process. Lastly, they bring in innovative UI prototypes and designs with a focus on supporting new ways of working.”

    ~ Tarun Vaid, Lead Analyst, ISG

    About Vuram 

    Founded in 2011, Vuram specializes in offering low-code enterprise automation as a part of its hyperautomation services portfolio. Vuram has more than 800 professionals, working with over 135 customers worldwide and has been maintaining 100% customer success and 100% customer references,  Vuram’s portfolio of services extends from consulting, development, implementation, user experience (UX) design, and support for application and infrastructure to quality engineering and assurance. Vuram has been recognized in domestic and international markets for its technology capabilities, leadership, work culture and growth prospects.

    vuram’s STRENGTHS 

     Digital Business Consulting Services 

    Growing consulting capabilities

    Vuram’s consulting service spans across the lifecycle of realizing the client’s digital transformation vision, right from process discovery, hyperautomation assessment to developing the IT strategy and business alignment.

    Vuram-Client offshore lab (v-colab)

     This lab provides prospective clients with long-term benefits such as process optimization while improving business agility and cost reduction.  Short-term benefits include cost optimization, shorter start-up time and improved productivity. 

    focus on organic growth

    Vuram continuously invests in R&D to further enhance its hyperautomation services by adding advanced AI/machine learning, analytics and RPA capabilities. It converts this expertise to build solution accelerators.

     Digital Customer Experience Services

    digital cx services capabilities

    Vuram’s House of Apps (HAPPS) and House of Experience and Art (HEART) are dedicated offerings that focus on understanding and solving customers’ problem statements, building on our consulting services as a complete package for the market.

    intelligent automation tools

    Vuram has an extensive suite of intelligent tools and accelerators. Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT) is based on an intelligent hybrid framework that can help achieve 100 percent automation and perform end-to-end functional testing for Appian applications. 

    contract management system

     Vuram’s Contract Management System, TrustHall, is a user-centric, intelligent plug-and-play solution for agile enterprises. It helps enterprises manage contracts effortlessly, go live with seamless implementation in less than two weeks and realize ROI quickly. 

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