According to Edgar Degas, art is not what you see, but what you make others see. As Vuramites shared their creativity to decorate the office walls, Srinandhavi Nandhakumar, Senior Technical Consultant at Vuram, explored painting on canvas for the first time. For Nandhavi, who considers that moment as a crucial turning point in her life, art is an expression of life and celebration of colors. 

 Born and brought up in Coimbatore, her journey with Vuram began 4 years ago. Her first published work of art was the scenery that she drew and colored when she was in the UKG. As she focused on academics her interest towards painting and sketching remained unexplored. However, she took her passion to create pencil sketches and paintings occasionally during her school days and college days. Nandhavi became the go-to person to draw records for her classmates at a time she nearly missed out on the world of colors. 

 While at Vuram, the encouragement from her colleagues enabled her to explore the world of visual arts and colors. The experience of witnessing her own creation decorating the office walls immensely motivated Nandhavi to pursue her passion. Currently, Nandhavi focuses on more canvas paintings and continues to learn more about techniques and styles of art. She thanks her colleagues for being a constant source of motivation for recognizing and appreciating her talent, reminding her to follow her passion. On this occasion, we are proud to feature her in our email signature honoring her passion and achievements.



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