Passion is at the forefront of everything that enriches life and perspectives that shape the world. At Vuram, we are driven by the passion for nurturing a work culture that nourishes us to grow together as a family. Celebrating our people’s success, achievements, and aspirations is a way to honor and recognize their unique accomplishments, talent, and social impact they create.  

For Athira Vinodkumar, Appian Consultant at Vuram, her passion for dancing is beyond an extension of her identity. Born in a family that is passionate about Indian classical dance, she started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 5 under Guru Srimathi. Kokila Sriram. 

She was inspired to take up classical dancing following the legacy of her great grandfather, Shri. Vechur Raman Pillai, a veteran Kathakali dancer. She completed the first level of training, known as Salangai Pooja, at the age of 10 and made her debut (arangetram) at the age of 15. After identifying that a few organized dance teams are focusing on classical dance, she formed a team – ‘Laasya’ consisting of 21 dancers. Laasya became the first-ever classical dance team in her college to perform during college events and virtual events. 

After joining Vuram, Athira continues to pursue her passion by performing at various events in the organization and festivals externally. She has recently performed at the Kerala – Tamilnadu State Cultural Fest, where she played the role of Lord Rama in a classical dance-drama (based on Mohiniyattam) called Shalabhanjika. 

Her journey embracing dancing as a form of expression and cherishing the cultural treasure of India is an inspiration for all of us at the Vuram. We thank Athira for sharing her passion for dance with us and bringing new perspectives to the forefront, creating an impact culturally and socially. On this occasion, we are proud to feature her in our email signature honoring her passion and achievements.



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