Vuram SWAT

In a technological era where valuable information is digitized and electronic transactions are all-pervasive, customer support for business is more important than ever. Vuram’s support team (SWAT) brings years of experience to help you in every step of the way. Be it providing technical support or helping your enterprise stay ahead of the curve, SWAT can offer you an engagement model tailored to your needs.


Quick turnaround time

Dedicated point of contact

Flexible support models 

Start with a plan as short as three months

Get weekly/monthly reports

Application Support

  • Get a dedicated Appian consultant for fixing application issues, enhancements, new developments, deployment, and documentation.
  • Schedule cadence meetings at a mutually agreed time and frequency to discuss project status.
  • Experiment with new integrations, plug-ins, and reusable components, and get project-specific custom plug-ins developed.
  • Receive assistance to help you proactively learn new ways of improving design and implementation in your existing applications.

Infrastructure support 

  • Get your servers set up and configured smoothly.
  • Hassle-free on-premise installations, patches, and upgrades.
  • Receive recommendations to optimize server performance.
  • Avoid server-related issues with proactive health check-ups and maintenance.

The Vuram difference

Vuram SWAT goes the extra mile when it comes to our customers. We constantly strive towards providing you a seamless experience and best technology solutions.

 frequent application enhancements

Our R&D team continually works towards enhancing your application experience.

Knowledge Base Contribution

A breathing database to help you troubleshoot issues in the future.

Project Specific Custom Development

A  team that works with you in creating components/smart services or connected systems.

850+ downloads on the App market

Our plug-ins and connected systems are free to download on the Appian market.  

39 Plug-ins

Readily available components that benefit a wide range of industries.

GET started with swat today!

Reach out to us to know more about how our engagement models can help your business.


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