Robotic process automation 

With unprecedented innovation across sectors and rapidly changing business landscapes, there’s an underlying need for improving service/product quality, reducing costs and facilitating growth. But with mundane work taking up most of your workforce’s time, critical tasks are often left unattended to. This is where RPA can be the gamechanger! With Robotic Process Automation solutions, you can automate data-heavy, repeatable and routine tasks that you otherwise need to call on your workforce to fulfill manually.


The Future of Automation IS HERE!

Where traditional approaches to automation falter, RPA scores! RPA can handle high volume repetitive tasks non-stop at 100% capacity while ensuring zero errors across any environment or application, thus automating several business processes such as administration, billing, etc.

At Vuram, we help you integrate RPA into your core operations to transform the entire business ecosystem. With intelligent automation embedded into your business processes and a human workforce that’s free from handling non-critical redundant tasks, we help you boost productivity, dramatically reduce operational costs and effectively achieve your business bottom lines.

What we do?

Vuram has strong expertise in delivering Robotic Process Automation services and solutions to bring the power of automation into your enterprise. Our talented team of RPA specialists works with you at every step to understand your requirements and build solutions that can accelerate business performance.

● Deploy Attended and Unattended Bots

● Infuse Cognitive RPA to information-intensive processes

● Automation of Dark Data processing

● Seamlessly orchestrate a Digital and Human Workforce

● Leverage Cloud Machine Learning APIs such as Google and AWS

● Integrate Google and Amazon’s Chatbots (Lex) with RPA and IoT

● Expertise in Appian’s Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM).



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RWM: Robotic workforce Manager 

Automation is the future of modern workforces! Rather than digitize processes and replace humans with robots, an intelligent workforce is an orchestration of human and digital workers. Appian’s Robotic Workforce manager is a pre-built solution designed to empower organizations with an intelligent workforce. Providing end-to-end process visibility, control and automating key processes, the RWM aligns your robotic and human workforce, driving measurable business impact.

Build a next-gen workforce with Vuram 

At Vuram, our combined BPM and RPA expertise allows us to seamlessly merge their capabilities to deliver robust, agile and result-oriented solutions that are guaranteed to revolutionize your workforce. As an official reseller of Appian’s RWM, we can help you take the step towards building a more intelligent workforce and maximize your productivity.

The Vuram difference

Simplify work, achieve operational excellence and maximize ROI by adopting RPA for your business. Learn how Vuram can help you transform your enterprise into a smart, intelligent workplace!

50+ RPA Specialists


Certified Blueprism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere Engineers


End-to-End Services; from consulting to support

Dedicated RPA COE Division

Leverages Combined appian (BPM) & RPA Expertise

Expertise in Human & Digital Workforce Orchestration

Specialized in unattended bots and human-in-the-loop solutions


Learn how Vuram can help you transform your enterprise into a smart, intelligent workplace!


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