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Quality engineering and assurance 


Accelerate transformation with speed, accuracy and agility  

In a rapidly-evolving business environment, rolling out applications and new software releases demand cohesive, reliable and high-performing Quality Engineering and Assurance services to eliminate errors, bugs, and ensure a quick go-to market with a viable solution that works seamlessly. Relying on outdated methods or inefficient quality processes can lead to unwarranted delays, bottlenecks across the development cycle and poor outcomes.

Vuram’s Quality Engineering and Assurance division ensures you get the speed, accuracy and agility needed to meet the robust development needs of your enterprise.


Why do you need our qe and qa services?   

The challenges involved in finding the right skill set, lack of continuous evolution and technology adoption can result in a compromise on application quality. Maintaining the reliability, stability and security of an application requires Quality Engineering services with a strategic commitment to quality and transformation across people, processes, and technology. At Vuram, we do just that!

Our Quality Engineering and Assurance service empowers enterprises to galvanize their Software Development Life Cycle by modernizing testing, eliminating bottlenecks caused by prevailing QE strategies and accelerating transformation.


Faster production time


Enhanced accuracy

Complete quality and reliability

Ensure error-free apps

Boost efficiency and performance


What we do? 

Vuram’s services spans across the entire spectrum of Quality Engineering and Assurance, right from Functional Testing to Security Testing. Our committed, humble and passionate people ensure top quality and reliability across the complete development life cycle. 

Functional Testing validates the application/software system and tests it for functional specifications. Our services focus on ensuring functionality, reliability and stability of the application before it enters the production phase. Highest quality, bug-free releases and great UX with consistency across the application are the hallmarks of our service.

Right from Integration Testing, System Testing to Regression Testing, our QE experts carry end-to-end expertise in the domain that guarantees a fully-functional and seamless application.

Speed is key to rapid deployment and releases; our Automation Testing service is designed to accelerate the process and help you quickly move to a production environment while ensuring superior quality. Instead of manually testing, verifying, and re-checking at every step, Vuram’s Automation Testing deploys the use of intelligent technology that automates the process and provides extensive functional coverage.

So, why wait endlessly to release the perfect product? Our Automation Testing expertise can rapidly accelerate the time to go-to market!

Over the course of time, with new feature additions, fixes and improvements, a product can undergo constant changes that require extensive testing to confirm if a recent update or code has not affected existing features. Our end-to-end Regression Testing service ensures zero occurrence of new errors, delivers accuracy and achieves maximum coverage with minimal number of test-cases.

Cost-effective, time-saving, and competent, our Regression Testing services are highly imperative to stay on track to go-live and deliver top-notch quality.

Security loopholes, lack of access restrictions and code errors can result in gaping flaws in your app’s security setup that can compromise the integrity of your data. At Vuram, we understand how important it is to secure your products against data breaches or information leaks. That’s why Security Testing of the application forms a major part of our Quality Engineering and Assurance services.

Our rigorous Security Testing will test the application or software for any gaps and set multiple layers of security measures to prevent unauthorized access and keep privileged information safe.

Your app may work flawlessly when used by 10 users, but what happens when you’re dealing with a huge volume? What if 1000 users cause the app to fail? It is vital to test an app for its responsiveness and stability under a variety of workloads to guarantee consistent performance across all scenarios.

Our Performance Testing practice measures the quality attributes of the system such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage and tests it under a range of cases to ensure superior performance. We carry out Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing, Scalability Testing, Endurance Testing, Spike Testing, among others.

VATT: Vuram Automation Testing Tool 

Our extensive experience in Automation Testing and vision to transform the Quality Engineering domain has culminated in a tool that’s designed to simplify Automation Testing further. The Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT) is built using an intelligent hybrid framework to carry out end-to-end testing of Appian applications and reduce the complexity of writing several lines of code.

The tool allows anyone, right from Quality Engineers to Business Users, to run tests, without needing advanced technical skills. Get started with your free version of VATT and experience the difference it brings to your testing capabilities.


The Vuram difference

At Vuram, we strive to understand your business goals, and the importance of maintaining honesty, transparency, and adding value throughout the engagement. #PoweredByPassionatePeople, we have a 100% customer success rate which stands testimony to the work we do. Our Quality Engineering and Assurance services ensures you get maximum value, zero errors and superior results! 

50+ experts

Trained, experienced and committed people who strive to ensure top quality and value.


Appian certified engineers

Trust Appian certified engineers who have extensive knowledge of working with Appian

End-to-End testing service

From Automation Testing to Security Testing, we can do it all!

99% accuracy

A bug-free release assurance that ensures maximum quality.

Advanced tools

Leverage the powerful Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT), among others.

200+ projects delivered

Our expertise spans across industries and diversified applications.

test intelligentLy, build better

Connect with us to find out how our Quality Engineering and Assurance can help you ace your development goals!


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