Quality Engineering

Development and implementation 

Maximize your business transformation outcome with accelerated development 

Building modern and intelligent applications in an agile culture, comes with its own challenges, given the fast-evolving technologies and industry standards. In a dynamic business environment, implementing an application requires new process workflows, modular technical architecture, adoption of innovative technologies, and delivering excellent user experiences. It goes without saying that time and costs are factors, which are highly considered.   

At Vuram, we help eliminate silos, redesign internal processes, and maximize the value of new-tech initiatives in your organization.


What we do? 

Architecture Consulting 

Enterprise architecture acts as the catalyst for organizations to undergo digital transformation by leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. We adopt the best practices to discover the processes and technology, and develop an IT strategy that is aligned with your business goals. 

Capacity Planning 

 Do you have enough resources to support a process? How do you determine the capacity is sufficient? This is where Vuram experts help you. Capacity planning is a process to balance the available hours of resources against what a project needs. We help organizations in calculating the resource capacity, prioritizing projects and allocating resources. 


Design & Development 

Bringing ideas to reality involves innovation, creativity and the right technology. We help you build applications of high quality code, and ensure your customers get an enjoyable user experience throughout their journey. With experience, expertise and dedication combined, the designers team at Vuram adopt the best practices to develop beautiful applications that have easy-to-use features, robust workflows and high speed. 

Quality Engineering 

Quality Engineering & Assurance is a requisite for quick go-to-market solutions. We have designed an intelligent framework, Vuram Automation Testing Tool, to achieve 100% automation and perform end-to-end functional testing of Appian applications. Irrespective of the user role, anyone without advanced technical skills can run tests using VATT. 

Support & Enhancement

Getting the right application support is paramount to any business. Vuram’s Support Team (SWAT) helps organizations in infrastructure, application and R&D support. Our dedicated Appian consultants for fixing applications, flexible support models, dedicated point of contact for every project, we ensure you get the right assistance always. 

Why work with us?

At Vuram, we adopt an ‘Empathy First, Technology Next’ approach and work with you every step of the way from identifying the challenges, chalking the requirements to delivering applications built to drive maximum value to your business goals. 


Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to 

  • Use global delivery model for application development 
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention 
  • Use our matrix organization structure for using the required expertise 
  • Track the SLAs norms using web tools which are transparent even to our customers
  •  Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
  • Offer nearshore, offshore, and onsite delivery models
  • Gain 100% referenceable clients
  • Achieve super-fast implementation with pre-built solutions, suitable for clients’ needs

Reduce compliance errors

Increase ROI

Access valuable training

Receive ongoing technical support

Improve productivity

build applications that deliver results

Let’s together conceptualize, design, develop, and deploy applications that deliver exceptional performance. Get in touch with us now for more information.


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