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A business process is a set of linked tasks that when done in chronology helps achieve the organizational goals. Processes are the lifeline to any business.  The success of a business is largely determined by how well the process is carried out. However, most businesses may not have the time and the expertise to improvise the way their employees, resources and technology operate. This is where business process consulting comes into picture. 

The right business process consulting has the potential to reduce cost by 30% and lower risk by 23%. 

At Vuram, our team of Business Process Consultants adopt the best practices to study the current processes of your organization, and optimize them to save time, money, and enhance productivity.  

Why do you need our consulting services?

  •         Companies with poor business analysis capability will have three times as many project failures as successes.
  •         68% of companies are more likely to have a marginal project or outright failure than a success due to the way they approach business analysis.
  •       Companies pay a premium of as much as 60% on time and budget when they use poor requirement practices on their projects.
  •         Over 41% of the IT development budget for software, staff, and external professional services will be consumed by poor requirements at the average company using average analysts versus the optimal organization.

Source: IAG Consulting

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What we do? 

Vuram’s Consulting service spans across the lifecycle of realizing your digital transformation vision, right from Process Discovery to Hyperautomation Assessment to developing the IT Strategy and Business Alignment. Our committed, humble and passionate business consultants work with you every step of the way, to understand your requirement and formulate the best solution for your needs.

We analyze, understand and document everything about your business processes in the as-is state, without interrupting your day-to-day operations. We create process maps to identify the tasks being performed, the resources involved, typical lead times, interactions and interfaces within the business application, data records and the input/output from each task and sub-tasks.

We prepare graphical representations of your organization’s business processes and workflows to identify the potential improvements. We enforce the best practices and standardization across the company, and bring in process agility. 

Our team identifies the potential tasks that can be automated, the user actions that might hinder the process, spot obstacles that cause delay and get robust data on how the process is performing. 

This is all about how to enhance the existing processes. We aim to reduce the workload and time of employees spent on manual activities. By optimizing the processes, you can decrease errors and costs, improve accuracy, and generate tremendous amounts of value in a sustainable manner. 

Process Documentation is a detailed description of how to execute processes. It offers a reliable basis to understand the necessary improvements to optimize the overall performance, and reduce the risk of non-compliance. 

Robotic Process Automation, low-code, artificial intelligence, and other hyperautomation technologies are the must-have ingredients for addressing critical business demands. Our approach to hyperautomation assessment involves defining the strategies for the automation program, identifying business use cases and best practices for scalable automation, planning and organizing resources, and identifying the right hyperautomation technology. 

We conduct a benefit assessment study after going live with the application. The study helps measure success and the tangible and intangible benefits against some quantifiable parameters or key performance indicators like cost. Benefit assessment generates greater opportunities for improvements and new learnings. 

For any organization there will be a need to improve processes, and it mostly comes with constraints like money, technology, or resources. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort, which seeks “incremental” improvement overtime, to improve the processes. 

By aligning the IT and business strategies, organizations can make sure every aspect of the IT strategy supports the business goals. In other words, every IT-related activity optimizes the business values. This alignment model helps in reducing any compliance risks, meets the IT demands efficiently, increases agility of the business and enhances collaboration between departments. 

halo: hyperautomation lounge offer 

HALO facilitates a casual conversation on hyperautomation between enterprises and Vuram experts with no strings attached. Without being a sales pitch or any presentation, through these discussions enterprises can get a fair understanding of hyperautomation and make better decisions in their automation journey. 

HALO allows you to have a casual conversation with Vuram‘s experts on topics ranging from ‘What is Hyperautomation?’ to ‘Real-life Hyperautomation Use Cases’ that enable enterprises to get a glimpse of the potential it holds.

If you have a hyperautomation question to ask, write to us, and let’s discuss! 

The Vuram difference

At Vuram, we adopt an ‘Empathy First, Technology Next’ approach and strive to understand your business requirements, and add value throughout the lifecycle of engagement. Our Consulting practice is focused on delivering the right solution and driving the best results for your enterprise.

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