Business Process Management


Align, Automate and Optimize Business Processes


In a hyper-competitive era that demands speed, agility, innovation and more for less, you can’t sustain and thrive by relying on processes and tools that are still stuck in the past millennium. Writing millions of lines of codes, using inflexible packaged applications, still relying on paper forms and refusing to move-on from processes that can barely keep up with the modern-age dynamics, can cost you time, money and resources.

It’s time to set the pace for digital transformation and meet the challenges with robust and agile Business Process Management  services and solutions!


Business Process  Management



 Vuram leverages its extensive domain expertise and the Appian platform to build fast, scalable and high-performance BPM solutions that can completely transform your business-critical and non-core processes to bring in more optimized, efficient and organized workflows to accelerate performance, improve enterprise outcomes and agility. 


Appian: Driving Change in Low-code development


Imagine going from ideation to launch a custom application in just 8 weeks, while your competitor is still struggling with the first few thousand lines of code. That’s what Appian can accomplish! A pioneer in low-code development, Appian offers a simple, clean, effective and intuitive platform to create powerful solutions that can transform the way you operate.

Vuram leverages the phenomenal capabilities of this platform to streamline your workflows and processes, build custom applications and help you get more done for less!


Vuram: Award-Winning Appian Partner


Vuram has consistently ranked high on its metrics thanks to the distinctive approach to BPM and people-centric

approach to delivering next-gen Appian services and solutions.

Why BPM?

Go Digital

Eliminate paperwork, automate repetitive processes; digitize your business

Better Accuracy

Make your system learn and improve processes continuously!

Scale Endlessly

It only gets better; your BPM system evolves with you every step of the way!

Cut Down Costs

Better workflows and reduced human workloads equal significant savings

Improved productivity

 Streamlined processes mean you invest less, get more.

Reduced time to market

Make your system learn and improve processes continuously!

Foster Collaborations

Structures and maps processes to one another to eliminate silos

measure results

Monitor end-to-end processes to continuously improve.

The Vuram difference

Vuram’s end-to-end Business process management services span across consulting, documentation, UX design, development, automation, quality testing, and support. We don’t just deliver solutions out of the box; we put people at the heart of everything we do and strive to understand you, your business, your goals, and become an extension of your organization to solve your business challenges.

550+ Appian Consultants

Smart, trained, happy, honest and customer-focused Appian consultants drive your entire project lifecycle

Access to Vuram Toolkit

Accelerate time to go-live by 35% using Vuram’s own pre-built components and accelerators.

Free Value-adds

Standardization Support, Tech & Architecture Buddy, Health Checks, Peer Reviews, Market research and more!


If we were good before, we’ve only become better now; we’ve delivered 750+ apps across 18 verticals till date.

Maintenance & support

Dedicated operation and maintenance team to lend support as needed (Vuram SWAT team)

Insights from the R&D Team

Tap into the brains behind the operation for rapid testing experimentation and POCs


Find out how Business Process Management services can accelerate your business! 

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