Cognitive Intelligence Reporting and analytics 

With enterprises under constant pressure to innovate and meet the market demand, there’s a need to make the right decisions promptly respond to market-driven forces. Analytics has revolutionized the business world with its ability to leverage data to make faster and better decisions, anticipate future events and gain the actionable insights needed to drive business growth.

Our Cognitive Intelligence Reporting and Analytics services help enterprises gain deep visibility into their business operations for smarter, more intelligent decisions and uncover more opportunities in data.

Why Analytics?

By 2025, is it estimated that the world will create a whopping 180 Zettabytes of data. Imagine the extent of data lying untapped with its potential unexplored at your enterprise. The raw data is there in multitudes, but what you need are the right people and technology to make sense of it and draw relevant outcomes.

At Vuram, we deliver a full range of Analytics services, helping enterprises tap into the power of data to drive cost savings and improve business performance.

Analyze data from multiple sources


Make intelligent and informed decisions

Monitor KPIs and react to changing trends

Improve business efficiency

Predict future outcomes


What we do?

Vuram has deep expertise in Data Management, Data Analytics, Visual Analytics, Process Automation (BPM and RPA) and Analytical AI which are strongly embedded throughout our service portfolio. We tailor Analytics solutions with the right talent and technologies to fit your enterprise objectives and unlock powerful analytics insights that increase performance, resilience and give you the competitive edge.

  • Expertise in Data modelling, Data Marts, Data Lakes, Data migration and multiple data source integrations
  • Strong experience in Visual Analytics including working with ML prediction models and multiple visualization tools
  • Expertise in devising Embedded Analytics solutions
  • Deliver custom visuals using  Python, R, Javascript, React JS etc
  • Development of custom applications using Power Apps and Automate
  • Exclusive suite of products – Appian data replicator, Blue Prism insights, Appian insights


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The Vuram difference

Advance your decision-making by gaining deep insights into your business with Vuram’s Cognititive Intelligence Reporting and Analytics services. #PoweredByPassionatePeople and a track record of delivering 100% customer success, we are focused on driving maximum value to your enterprise. Learn how we can help you leverage data to transform your enterprise.

certified Professionals

Certified experts in Microsoft Power BI and Snowflake

complete service

From Consulting to Support, our Analytics suite handles it all.

Advanced tools

Access Vuram’s own suite of products such as Blue Prism Insights, Appian Data Replicator etc

added expertise

Leverage our BPM (Appian) & RPA Expertise in Analytics

predict future trends

Expertise in ML models for better prediction capability delivery

gain control of your data

Find out how our Analytics services can help you tap into the power of data, make smarter decisions and drive business growth and success 

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