vatt – Vuram automation testing tool

Automation testing is widely used to save time, improve accuracy and boost project delivery but can be technically-demanding to carry out, requiring dozens of lines of code to run a simple test. In order to test more efficiently, a well-devised framework with pre-defined functions and reusable scenarios can make automation testing easy. 

Vuram Automation Testing Tool (VATT) is built using an intelligent hybrid framework and is designed to achieve 100% automation and perform end-to-end functional testing for Appian applications. The framework makes it easy to create and run automated tests without writing several lines of code.

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  • Massive range of predefined functions that interact with Appian SAIL components 
  • Single line of code to automate various reusable scenarios 
  • Test data maintained dynamically in an excel to run tests with different data sets without updating the test script
  • Auto emailing of test results post execution to ensure users don’t have to wait/set reminders to check completion
  • Switch between different browser windows and work with safe links handled in Appian easily
  • Get multiple ways to automate testing of Appian fields and make scripting simple
  • Test failure reports carry relevant screenshots along with failure messages for easy error identification


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why use VATT?


  • Speed up execution time, improve accuracy and run tests dynamically
  • Maximum number of functionalities and reusable scenarios
  • Replace complex code with a single line of code
  • Security is key; ensure security levels as per the various user roles.
  • Fully-automated database testing to check for data integrity and ensure consistency
  • Test script requires no updates with the Appian version changes
  • Flexibility to extend automation capability towards third-party applications integrated with Appian
  • Visually-rich reporting capabilities to assess test results along with an excel log


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