Rapid Claims is an application designed to accelerate your FNOL capability and streamline claims management and processing. It provides efficient workflow and data collection functions to Insurance Claims Processing departments that may have outgrown the ability to handle large volumes of paper forms or can no longer work around the limitations of legacy system tools.

The application provides an end-to-end agile claims intake, processing and management system that efficiently handles all processing workflows, task management, documents, estimates, claim diaries and fraud investigation tracking required to manage insurance claims.  

First notification of loss 


Cut down claim intake time: Accelerate the information intake process by leveraging on an omnichannel  Intelligent Contact Center

Capture loss details quickly via Email, SMS, Chat, “JUNO” Google Assistant, Whatsapp, Phone intake

 Get smart insights:  Access complete customer history, policy details, past claims, interactions and more!

 Automatic claim creation: Identify information from email automatically to create claim.



claims processing and settlement


 Easy integration: The application integrates with any policy system

Optimized property visits intelligence: Provides the shortest and optimized path for an adjuster during property visits.

Claim diaries: Manage comprehensive claim diaries across multiple organizational roles a

Document management: Upload, store and manage multiple versions of relevant documents 

Damage assessment: Allocate the estimate for loss, define and modify reserve amounts and make settlements.

Report generation: Reports generated based on claim status, KPIs of adjustors, total settlement value and more.



  • Cut down FNOL time drastically, allowing you to deliver speedy empathetic service
  • Manage multiple claims on a single integrated platform
  • Effortlessly integrates on top of your existing systems and policies
  • Get enhanced transparency across the chain of operations
  • Effective claims management and processing for faster claims resolution
  • Powerful, intelligent and agile solution that replaces legacy or paper-based system 

See how it works!


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