Medical/Nursing/Resident Student Rotation Tracking System 


The Medical / Nursing / Resident Student Tracking System is designed to improve the management of courses, maximize learning outcomes and ensure comprehensive oversight of clinical education programs across educational sites.

Students may provide a quick visual summary of the student’s progress in mastering each skill or measure in a course, including their abilities, description of their participation and the time spent or other data points made available to them. Student data is easily managed in several hospitals with fully integrated features such as tasks for preceptors, planning, communication centres and much more with detailed reporting.




Streamlines incoming trainee onboarding processes with the flexibility to view preceptor availability and their current assignments on a calendar.

Allows students to submit evaluation metrics and related notes and documents online. Preceptors can check assignments and send feedback to students.

Allows preceptors or students to update their profile details at any time. Student relationship teams can add entries to department, program, student and university records.



Students can access all the program details and update the evaluation metrics with the notes or documents and track the hours spent on the program. Duration and timesheet updates on a real-time calendar view help visualize achievement against the program as time progresses.

Evaluators can review and approve the documents or notes added to evaluation metrics as well as time sheets updated by the student.

Records details for student, department and program. The preceptor record integrates with the student and program details through Appian’s ICC. 


INSIDE medical/nursing/resident student rotation tracking system



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