LOTS is a smart IOT device that leverages the advantages of Appian’s full-stack automation to make real-time incident reporting easy.

Be it a data breach, injury, accident, or a faulty cable in an airport, railway station or workplace, LOTS allows instant logging of the incident and enables easy relay of photos, documents or other information to a centralized Appian-based Incident Ticketing System. Accelerate the time to create new cases, track incidents, take quick action, generate reports and manage all incidents in one place. 

device capabilities 

  • 7-inch LCD touch screen: Interactive display to log the incident report
  • Powered by Appian: LOTS utilizes Appian’s full-stack automation capability
  • LOTS Bot:  Virtual assistant to interact with the reporter via voice or text.
  • Backed by Raspberry Pi: The device runs on a powerful Raspberry Pi computer
  • RFID Sensor: Equipped with RFID RC522 for authentication of employees reporting the case
  • USB Camera: Capture images of the reporter or of the incident near to the device.
  • Appian Ticketing System: Integrated with Appian Incident Ticketing System (available on AppMarket)

why use LOTS?


Easy creation of cases with few clicks and minimal text entries or via voice

Case related communication sent through multiple channels: SMS, Whatsapp, Email

Supporting documents or photos can be uploaded using the link sent

Authenticate users through various means: RFID, photo, basic details or add biometric, scanners as needed

Integrated with Appian Incident Ticketing System to manage cases.

Easily customize app interface, add additional hardware features and create new workflows on Appian

Access all data related to the cases in a centralized place


LOTS interface


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