Incident Ticketing System 

Vuram has built the Incident Ticketing System to address the needs of organization who have a large on ground task force, and for whom, tracking, reporting, and most importantly preventing incidents is of utmost priority. Implementing the incident tracking system in your business process increases safety, reduces re-occurrence of incidents, and generates reports to help you take action on a preventive basis, always.

With the Incident Management System, stay up to date with all of the incidents occurring, even on client site, remotely, and complete all documentation within a single system. Rest easy with preemptive maintenance reminder on time!



Category based workflow: A customizable workflow feature allows administrators to set up the processing, approvals, appeals, reviews, and logical ending of case documents.

Ask a question: Application lets any user quickly clarify any queries with other users across the system, the queries are categorized and the intelligence of the system shows the FAQs based on the text in the question.

Service Level Agreement (SLA): With SLAs, you can specify the response and resolution time for any case filed in the system based on criteria like a priority, category, etc. This enables the application to ensure that you stick to the customer support plans that you’ve agreed to for the specified time.



Case analytics and reporting: Tracking the case resolving time, case resolvers performance helps to bring accountability, increases turn around time of the system. Managers can monitor the agent activity, status report of open vs. closed cases.

Omnichannel ticketing system: Allow the agents/initiators to get full details about every complaint within an organized workflow. This leads to a quick resolution of individual support requests and the best customer experiences.

Prompt actions on cases: Includes a bundle of tools that helps the incident management team to resolve cases at ease, reassign the case to other users and send emails or SMS texts to incident reporters.


One Stop Solution


Integrate with existing ERP applications, allowing you to extract/upload relevant reports in different applications. The Incident Management System allows you to manage it all through one window.

In-built Dashboard allows for high level reporting on incidents in the organization.



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