Hospital Lease Management 

The Hospital Lease Management Application is designed to simplify the management of any hospital’s lease portfolio with a variety of lease structures including income share percentage and total lease amount for any given period. Hospitals and healthcare companies usually use multiple systems to handle and rent workflows for their physical real estate.

There are a variety of vendors who have to enter into contracts with the hospital, irrespective of if they are operating a coffee shop on the hospital lobby, a flower shop on the second floor or four health centres surrounding the hospital itself. This management system helps track multiple aspects of hospital property management including applications for procurement, renting and maintenance.


Add and maintain related lease documents such as NDAs and lease documents provided by the vendors during the bidding process.

Approver flow for the lease bid that allows the legal and executives team to review the winning bidder document, and finalize the lease process or send it back to the initiator with their comments.

Allows vendors to request maintenance, raise a lease extension notice or terminate the lease

Provides a separate site for the property management team to take care of all the maintenance request



Lease request record provides the details on all the lease initiated in the system with the details on the units considered into bidding, vendors won in that with their proposed lease amount and income share percentage and lease period.

Facility record highlights the attributes of the facility like area in square feet, floors, no of units in the hospital building, etc and also emphasizes the units in the facility with the amenities and status of the unit.

Vendor record enables the user to view all the vendors enrolled in the system with the contact details, lease history to show their previous occupancies, Active lease details and the maintenance request raised by the vendor with its status.


INSIDE hospital lease management 



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