General Approval app builder

Vuram’s Generic Approval App Builder is a flexible backbone for the super-fast rollout of applications in which the business case follows a multi-step requester-approver workflow. It provides a modular platform upon which multiple workflows can be constructed without the deployment of new code. The app has been designed to put power directly into the hands of business users who need functional applications on short time frames.

Use Cases



By allowing requester approval workflows to be set up quickly, companies can take advantage of Appian platform features without spending advantage of Appian platform features without spending time creating new Appian applications or waiting for internal change management windows for application deployment. 

Generic Approval App Builder can easily be applied to a myriad of business cases such as purchase requests, expense report approvals, and employee action requests. The ease of setup and configuration also makes it a great fast-response application for unplanned approval events.



Administrators can specify the characteristics of the approval workflow including the number of approval steps, required data collection, and role definition.

Configuration options include the level of serialization and parallelism of the approval process.

Multiple actions such as approve, reject, send back, put on hold, and reassign can be added for end users.

Machine Learning Predictions will make it easy for the approver to add another approver/reviewer to the request workflow. These predictions will be made based on the history of the workflow change. Process owner will have the control to enable/disable/train the ML Model.


INSIDE general approval app builder



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