Data Subject and Security

Request System


With IP becoming the most valuable asset to every organization, Data Subject and Security Request Management are of utmost priority. Vuram’s Application helps you comply with GDPR regulations, ensuring the privacy of your customers, and your data.

The solutions allows teams to easily track all information requests, validate, and secure processes that relate with the handling of information across the organisation.

This automated system enables teams to have access to information when they need it, while still complying with all of the privacy systems of the organizations, creating a safe, and secure environment for all your data, employees, and customers.

Use Cases


Data Subject and Security Request System helps organizations to manage the frequency and magnitude of increasing data breaches, fast response to breach.

Application revolves around the use and governance of personal data, this includes everything from personally identifiable information to financial information, to information about a person’s career, education, health, family or criminal history.

The application enables internal employees or external parties of the organization to have greater control over how organizations collect, store, transfer and use their personal data.



Applications handle 3 different categories of request that includes General queries related to the personal data maintained, Security queries related to data breaches, and data subject access request to access and update any pieces of information maintained in internal systems.

Ask a question: Application lets any user quickly clarify any queries with other users across the system.

Category based workflow: Based on the category the cases are assigned to the respective case owners to resolve, specifically on the Data subject access request, the task gets assigned to a specific system owner for any retrieval, update or deletion of data.





Service Level Agreement(SLA): With SLAs, you can specify the response and resolution time for any case filed in the system based on the priority. This enables the system to ensure that you stick to the customer support plans that you’ve agreed for the specified time. The application enables the user to manage all the checklist items with its respective SLA time as per the case category.

Reports: Tracking the case resolving time, case resolvers performance helps to bring accountability, increases turn around time of the system. Reports, charts, and graph data can be exported to Excel if required.


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