The TrustHall by Vuram is a fully-configurable and user-centric solution designed for agile enterprises. This intelligent plug-and-play solution enables enterprises to go live in less than 2 weeks with almost zero coding. Effortlessly generate, organize, collaborate, review, store and track contracts across the organization in a single application.

With built-in configurable workflows, reusable templates, centralized storage, AI / ML based actionable intelligence, version comparison capabilities, flexibility to adapt to business models and multi-language support, Vuram’s TrustHall can be seamlessly extended to manage the entire life cycle from Procure to Pay for enterprises.


an award-winning solution

Contract Management System

what you get 

A powerful contract management tool

Limitless customization

PLUG-N-PLay capability


expert Support

Built-In Analytics

Contract Management System

one-stop contract management system

The TrustHall is for companies that frequently manage contracts with suppliers and customers, and seek to establish best practice process and performance metrics.

It provides a single view of all contracts and contract metadata within an organization, including dependent relationships between master and sub-master contract types. This establishes a common repository of contract data to serve as the system of record for in-process and executed contracts.

key features


Built-in and configurable workflows for contract creation, approval, execution, and termination. Group templates based on the different contract types. 

Contract Template Management

Enables the users to create and maintain reusable contract templates.  Both Master and Subcontracts can be amended or updated any number of times and different versions can be maintained.

Docusign Integration

Add digital signatures on the contract document that can be generated and added via Docusign integrated system.

Configure Notifications / Reminders

Application enables the user to customize the reminders and notifications so that any amendments, renewals or review of the contracts can be done on time and without any delay

Centralized document storage

Create multiple contracts for external parties and maintain all documents in the respective folders at a centralized storage location.

Contract REDLINING & Approvals

Edit, comment, highlight or red line in the contract document during approvals and negotiation

Fully configurable Clauses & Templates

Dynamically create terms & clauses, add to sections, merge it with the contract templates, group clauses, track approvals, and more. 


Get contract summary reports based on status, contract type and department with detailed statistical information on the total value of contracts managed, different status of approval flow and more.


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