In the world of technology and software, some debates can seem never-ending. What’s the better OS? Which IDE works best? Scrum or Kanban? Perhaps, the biggest debate of them all is this: Which testing method is the best? At some point, all Appian application developers have made updates, introduced new features or logic that resulted in performance drawbacks or functional errors, which in turn creates inefficiencies and consumes time on reworking. The answer? Adopt the right testing approach.

The main component of any successful development program lies in testing. How quickly can you test a new patch? What’s the level of accuracy that can be assured? The two leading approaches: Manual and Automation testing have their fair share of pros and cons. While one scores high on ease, cost-effectiveness, another wins on reliability, speed and volume. So, what’s the better of the two? This playbook explores just that, providing expert opinion upon the various distinctive facets of the two testing methods, striking a comparison, and providing recommendations on the right approach and testing tools.

To read the full playbook and learn which testing approach will work best for you, please fill out the form below and we’ll send an email with the link: 

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