Vuram is once again recognized as a Great Place to Work

Vuram jumps 28 spots to earn #16 in 2019 Top 50 Great Mid-Size Workplace in India, by Great Place To Work institute.

“Being recognized as a Great Place to Work by the institute is helping our company in continuously improving our best practices. This certification has helped us in the past 2 years to work in line with our Dream and create a happy work environment. Our strong culture and our people are our strength. We have been inculcating our culture to all our people from day one.” Said Suresh Kumar, Director People Management.  

Vuram’s core principles  are

  • To have the happiest employees by providing them the best possible workplace experience and creating a learning environment where aspirations can be realized.
  • To have the happiest customers by providing them with a great working experience and results through top quality value added professional consulting.
  • And together make the society a happy place to live in by producing better value based citizens who in turn spread the efforts and engage in initiatives for the betterment of the world.

“We deeply care for our people. It begins with a culture that provides each person the freedom to bring in and nurture fresh ideas & perspectives. With strong mentoring support for career growth, everyone has the opportunity to wear multiple hats, take up various responsibilities and receive sufficient nourishment from the ecosystem,” said Venkatesh. R, CEO, Vuram.

“A successful company is one where every customer is an extension of the sales function and every employee is a patron. A company where you are not trying extra hard to recruit talent, but where the talent wants to work.” Venkatesh emphasised that the company’s culture, which is based on its core values, is a vital parameter for the success of Vuram.

Interestingly, Vuram carries a one line job description – Every person coming into work each morning, must be happy walking in and must leave work with a smile. We innovate each day to fulfil our responsibilities. Practicing this one line JD has made Vuram earn 16th rank among the Top 50 Mid-size Workplace in India.

Vuram’s dream is to create the happiest and the best nourishing workplace where creative minds and passionate hearts come together to redefine services and deliver ingenious solutions.

A big congratulations and thanks to all our family members who have supported, mentored, wished, prayed and shaped us to become a Great place to work organization.

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