Amruta Kallimani, the Head of Blue Prism COE at Vuram, explains how Healthcare providers can make healthcare systems more efficient and improve patient satisfaction by leveraging the power of automation and RPA in the latest article published by the Express Healthcare.

Healthcare is one of the highly sophisticated industries requiring substantial resource allocation containing multiple rule-based processes covering high volumes of data. Traditional approaches result in increased operating costs with a high probability of errors and slower processes due to repetitive and mundane manual tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in healthcare enables software robots to take over these tasks while eliminating human errors, ensuring all stakeholders, including patients, administrators, caregivers, and professionals, benefit from an exceptional experience at a pace that is impossible to match manually.

Implementing RPA and automation is the next frontier for the healthcare industry to be future-ready to serve patients efficiently and seamlessly. Adopting technologies can enable the industry to identify solutions in real-time with the right tools and technology to benefit society.

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