In December 2021, the Economic Times CIO article features Narendran Thillaisthanam, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Vuram, in CIO Life that showcases the lifestyles of some of the top tech leaders in India. The feature explores Naren’s passion for research and writing alongside his interest to explore the latest developments in technology.

The article also takes a look into his upcoming project where he authored the book titled ‘The Sarasvati Epoch’, which is set to be released by early next year. He shared how his passion for research led him to the histo-science genre to bring out a scientific angle into the field of human history and the pivotal role played by India in shaping the human civilization.

Also, Naren shares experiences that shaped his career and the importance of a positive work culture influencing an individual. He shares the vital leadership lessons that he has learned early in his personal life that continue to inspire him. Finally, he takes us through the importance of taking every step in our career with resilience and a happy attitude to ensure career progression and personal fulfillment.

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