In the latest coverage by Express Computer, Suresh Kumar – Director of the People Team at Vuram, shares how Vuram Day 2021 was celebrated on a home-grown virtual platform. The organization celebrated its eleventh annual day globally, connecting with teams worldwide with over 2000 people in attendance, including families of Vuramites and customers.

The virtual event took place on EventHall, a home-grown virtual platform developed by Vuram. The annual day celebrations brought together people in the organization located across India, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, and Australia to cherish memories and celebrate togetherness. 

The event was packed with entertainment shows, cultural performances, motivational sessions, workshops, games, contests, keynote speakers, and more. The event marks the second time the annual day at Vuram is conducted virtually. Previously, Vuram Day celebrations were conducted with people from the organization alongside their families traveling to the venue destination, where the organization takes all the arrangements.

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