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Workplace for women
September 9, 2021News

Building a conducive Workplace for women

Improving gender equality is a commonly discussed topic at workplaces. At Vuram, women outnumber men for 11 years. In this article, Patrice Williams, Human Resources Manager at Vuram, writes on a few strategies that makes a workplace...

Employee Stress
September 9, 2021News

How Can companies Reduce Employee Stress?

The current pandemic has only affected the way enterprises work. Coupled with the long-term remote working, employees are faced under tremendous pressure and stress. Read the article by Suresh Kumar C, Director, People Team, Vuram on...

August 5, 2021News

Boosting Gender Diversity in Tech

With discourses on gender diversity doing rounds on the media, Vuram has not only achieved but has sustained a remarkable achievement for 10 years but has reached remarkable milestone: 54.7% women in the organization's workforce. In...

RPA Market
July 27, 2021News

RPA Market Ticks Up with COVID-19

The Robotic Process Automation market is reaching a new high with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article written by Narendran Thillaisthanam, VP, Emerging Technologies, Vuram, he probes into the 3 levels of automation triggered by the...

March 22, 2021News

Vuram to hire 400 more people in 2021

Being synonymous with one of the happiest and nourishing workplaces, Vuram has announced the plans of hiring 400 more people and becoming a 1000-member organization by the end of 2021. Hiring has begun for various roles in key...

February 17, 2021News

Hybrid Event Platforms Making Its Way To 2021

EventHall is Vuram’s home-grown hybrid event platform that comes with a suite of features like live shows, games, interactive sessions, and built-in analytics. In this article featured in Business World (Everything Experiential),...

December 30, 2020News

Vuram: AI Trend to Watch out for in 2021

Analytics India Magazine has compiled a list of top data and artificial intelligence trends for the next year. Read Narendran Thillaisthanam, VP, Emerging Technologies, Vuram observes how AI will evolve in 2021....

December 30, 2020News

How Hyperautomation Can Transform SMBs?

Does hyperautomation benefit small and medium businesses? In this article published in the Times of India, Narendran Thillaisthanam, VP, Emerging Technologies, writes on how hyperautomation is the need of the hour for SMBs. Read how...

December 23, 2020News

Vuram’s COO on Technology and HR in 2021

In this article published on ETHRWorld, several industry leaders have shared their insights on how the HR space has evolved in 2020. Dr S P Ramarathinam, Chief Operating Officer, Vuram, shares how technology will continue to stay in...

December 23, 2020News

Why Automation Delivered Through Low-code is Vital

Low code has significantly bridged the gap between coders and non-coders. In this article published in Express Computers, Arjun Devadas, Vuram’s Senior Vice President, Professional Services & Operations writes on the advantages that...

December 8, 2020News

What Does the Year 2021 Hold for Automation?

In this story on how automation was embraced this year and will be adopted by organizations in 2021, Raghav Sriram, Vice President, Global Sales and Customer Success, Vuram shares his insights on the demand forecast....

December 8, 2020News

The Benefits of Going Cloud Native

Starting from the distinction between cloud native to being on the cloud, Mani Krishna Rama Subramani, VP, Delivery & Operations (APAC), Vuram, breaks down the essential concepts of cloud-native application development in his candid...

October 19, 2020News

Why Do We See an Increase in Low-code Products?

The article published in Analytics India Mag titled “How Indian Firms Are Fulfilling Rising Demand For Low Code Software Platforms” explores how Indian firms are meeting the increasing demand for low-code platforms. Venkatesh...

October 16, 2020News

Vuram recognized as HFS Hot Vendors Q3 2020

Vuram has been recognized by HFS Research as one of HFS Hot Vendors Q3 2020.HFS Hot Vendors display truly differentiated offerings and out-of-the-box thinking that can be both inspiring and useful. Find out why HFS Research selected...

August 5, 2020News

An HR’s Perspective on Recruitment: Mail Today

In this interaction with Mail Today, a daily newspaper, Suresh Kumar C, Director of People Team, Vuram sheds light on what Vuram's People team looks for when selecting a candidate. He also highlights how to wield social media platforms...

July 1, 2020News

Automation Testing Tool Launched By Vuram

Vuram's new Automation Testing tool is great for end-to-end functional testing of Appian applications, and assures speed and agility without the need to write complex code. Read more about VATT on Express Computer's release...

November 16, 2019News

We did it again!

Vuram is once again recognized as a Great Place to Work Vuram jumps 28 spots to earn #16 in 2019 Top 50 Great Mid-Size Workplace in India, by Great Place To Work institute. “Being recognized as a Great Place to Work by the institute is...

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