build apps 10X faster with low-code enterprise automation

 Vuram is a a trusted hyperautomation services and solutions provider specializing in low-code automation leveraging technologies such as BPM, RPA, AI and Analytics. With our low-code expertise, we can help you go from idea to ROI in just weeks. Find out how by connecting with us today for a demo / free expert consultation and get 40-hours of complimentary services!

100% customer success since 2011

A minimum


Increase in operational efficiency achieved by all our customers

Fastest go-to market

2-8 Weeks

Our Plug-N-Play Solutions enable our customers to go from idea to ROI in as little as 2 weeks

A gold standard of


Customer references

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    Discover Process gaps; Organize workflow; Maximize efficiency.


    Automate mundane processes; Accelerate your business.


    Make your system learn and improve processes continuously!


    Let your data connect the dots for you.

    VURAM recognized as HFS hot vendor

    “Vuram is becoming a prominent global emerging player in integrated and intelligent automation services across a broad range of industries.”   ~ HFS Research


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