Setting up effective methods to communicate can increase collaboration in the Appian environment and speed up processing time of any business request/process with a quick response, be it Approval, Review or Submission.

This can be accomplished by using various Whatsapp Chat, Appian Native Chat and Call functions in Appian

Some of the features that can be achieved include:

  • Native Appian Chat with any Appian users to communicate effectively
  • Video Call using Tamsys Integration allows one to make a call with Appian users for a quick response
  • WhatsApp integration to receive notifications for quick response to any questions.
  • Chats can be tagged with any specific request or general communication and can also be maintained as private or public based on the need
  • Chat history can be linked and reported at any given time.
  • FAQs can be maintained and can be used for any application or as a user guide

STEPS to achieving effective collaboration

WhatsApp Chat:

A simple Appian integration will allow you to connect with WhatsApp Business API.

     Steps on Appian integration >>

Native Appian Chat:

This is a part of the Appian interface and can be enabled easily.


Video Call:

You can integrate video call functionality using Temasys via a custom plugin.

     Get custom plugin >>

For more information or assistance with Appian integrations, write to




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