Vuram’s Suresh Kumar: Top HR Minds of India

Meet Suresh Kumar C, Director of People Team at Vuram and the winner ‘Top HR Minds (India)’ awarded by World HRD Congress.

We did it! Again.

Vuram jumps 6 spots and occupies #10 rank in India’s Top 50 Great mid-size workplaces 2020 by Great Place To Work Institute.

Vuram, what does it mean?


Vuram is a Tamil word that translates to ‘manure’ and implies ‘nourishment’. Vuram always stands by its core principle of nourishing its people (employees), its customers, and the society.

Vuram was founded in 2011 to realize the dream of creating the happiest & best nourishing workplace where passionate hearts and creative minds can come together to redefine services and provide ingenious solutions.

100% adherance to our principles


Defining the existence of Vuram, these 12 principles, which form the company’s backbone, are adopted and practiced by the people of Vuram across all spheres of operations spanning from policy framing, employee onboarding and day-to-day interactions to customer relationship and business decisions.

Enjoy the work you do, enjoy the challenges

Respect People, Work, Time


Always do the RIGHT thing


Don't fear or hide mistakes, learn from it, never repeat it

We don't blame. We take responsibility. We find solutions.

Discipline starts with self.

Be productive, use the 24 hours wisely.

The only way you grow is when you help others to grow.

Speak up. Never Assume.

”Be inquisitive. Never stop asking why?

Understand and do.

Be better than the past-minute

Our people make the difference


People engagement and happiness is of utmost importance to us. Lets hear it from our happy people.

I've learnt and grown professionally here. I enjoy working in such a collaborative atmosphere. I'm glad to be a part of Vuram

- Karthik

The culture at Vuram is extraordinary! The positive atmosphere promotes learning, and there is mutual respect for one another.

- Soundarya

Vuram is a place where you are given a platform to explore, experience, commit mistakes and learn from it.

- Athira

Vuram Memories


 At Vuram, we celebrate every success, milestone and make memories to last. Celebrations have been a part of our culture from the very start!

More from our people

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