Vuram’s Thirunelveli project

Over the past year, Vuram has been supporting a private school at Thirunelveli by providing end-to-end educational access to students and salary to all the staff members.

Encouraging education with North South Foundation

Vuram is a consistent supporter of NSF that encourages and provides college education to deserving, meritorious and needy students through scholarships Vuram is a chapter coordinator for Chennai Region.

Vuram Foundation


At Vuram, giving back is a part and parcel of everyday life. We choose to explore the side of our personality that allows us to be generous in giving, without expecting anything in return. It is a tradition that dates back to the founding of Vuram in 2011.

Vuram strongly believes in the above lines and takes many steps to contribute to society in many possible ways. Part of the fabric that makes Vuram community service is something that all our employees love to do! In 2018, our passionate community service became an official entity – Vuram Foundation.

Humane NGO

Humane is one of the initiatives of Vuram Foundation. Humane is an app developed to support NGOs who do so much to their society. At Humane, we understand the importance of genuine contributions to every need that an NGO posts. With a simple process to post your needs, it takes a few steps to register, post and get started with us.

Once you post your need, Humane puts it forth to our ever growing community of contributors. Once your need is fulfilled, we organise to have the contribution picked up and delivered to you. We help you reach out to those who care so that you can take care. Till date, Humane has received over 1200 Donations. Currently, there are 62 active Humane stores delivering contributions to needy organizations.

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Our projects

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