one-stop contract management solution

Vuram’s Contract Management System is a fully-configurable smart Plug-N-Play solution built on Appian, a leading low-code platform and is designed for companies that frequently manage a large number of contracts. The solution streamlines the contract lifecycle and enables enterprises to effortlessly generate, organize, collaborate, review, store, track contracts, and more. Go live in just 2 weeks!

Book a demo now and get a complimentary expert review of your existing setup to understand how Contract Management System can fit your enterprise needs.

What You Get

A powerful contract management tool

contract templates, redlining & approvals

PLUG-N-PLay capability. Go live in days.


end-to-end expert Support

Built-In Analytics and detailed reports

explore how it works

We’d love to understand more about your requirements and how our solution can work for you! Book a demo with our expert who’ll take you through the solution in just 30-minutes and help you understand why it’s the perfect fit for your enterprise needs. Plus, you get a complimentary review of your existing setup from our experts.



    Watch It In Action

    VURAM recognized as HFS hot vendor

    “Vuram is becoming a prominent global emerging player in integrated and intelligent automation services across a broad range of industries.”   ~ HFS Research


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