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Robotic Process Automation empowers your staff with more time to innovate. Have a specific automation challenge?  Let us show you how we can solve it with a no-cost accelerated PoC built in just 5 days!

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We are trusted partners of Blue Prism since 2018

A dedicated

Center of Excellence for Blue Prism

for successful RPA deployment and share accumulated knowledge and capabilities to your projects

A team of

Certified Blue Prism developers

trained on AI, BPM, and OCR to adopt a holistic approach to automation for you

A gold standard of


Customer success

Get a No-cost Customized PoC in 5 Days

Help our experts connect with you and understand the pressing challenge you face

    THINK BEYOND Robotic Process Automation WITH VURAM

    Achieve Hyperautomation 

    Our rich expertise in hyperautomation including business process management, analytics, and OCR can help address your business needs.

    100% Customer References

    18+ industry verticals served

    750+ applications built

    125+ happy customers

    HFS hot Vendor (Q3 2020)


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    Webinar: Traditional RPA is Dead: Cognitive RPA is the Future


    • Why traditional RPA is dead?
    • What is Cognitive RPA? Tool kits, use cases and demos
    • The significance of Hyperautomation, market outlook and real-world application
    • End-to-end practical demonstration of Cognitive RPA  

    Date: 15th July, 2021

    WHITEPAPER: SOLving it's last mile problem

    Read the whitepaper to explore:

    • How bots can free up your teams?
    • Leapfrogging your IT footprint with RPA
    • Case study: How a large retailer in the Middle East reaped ROI in 12 months


    On Demand Webinar: Driving Hyperautomation Through RPA


    • What is Hyperautomation?
    • Hyperautomation – Key Drivers
    • Hyperautomation Tool Kit for enterprises
    • How RPA is at the center of the Hyperautomation wave?
    • A short demo explaining the benefits of Hyperautomation

    top 5 ways rpa is helping businesses

    Learn how RPA enhances the experience in:

    • Customer Experience
    • Invoice Processing
    • HR & Payroll
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Analytics

    Debunking the 5 common myths surrounding rpa

    Can RPA rob people of work? Is the technology too expensive? There are several myths perpetuated around Robotic Process Automation that have made users wary of the technology. We set the facts straight and debunk the most common myths.

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