Incidents happen. Let’s put it as simple as that. When they happen, organizations must resolve them quickly so that they do not impact the business outcomes or customer experiences. Manually dealing with incidents can be time-consuming and inefficient, for example, staff receive phone calls, record those in paper forms, and track them with emails and spreadsheets. With a case management systemalso called case management system, service desk, ticketing system, and incident systemorganizations can be focused, organized, and efficient.


The Need for Case Management Application

A case can be anything: a security breach to a service request or grievance, depending on the service or the offerings of a business. According to the Association for Intelligent Information Management,  “A “case” is any project, transaction, service or response that is “opened” and “closed” over a period of time to achieve resolution of a problem, claim, request, proposal, development, or other complex activity.”

To reiterate, when an incident occurs, resolving it quickly without letting it affect the business or customer satisfaction is crucial. If there’s one cliche that will never turn obsolete, it’s ‘customers are king’. They are the lifeblood of any business. Imagine, in a public-facing industrysay a hospital, airlines, recreation, etc.the support staff will be receiving hundreds and thousands of requests or reports every day. These tickets raised, be it service requests or incident reports should be resolved promptly and within the organization’s norms. Else, the customers will lose interest in your business. Impeccable customer service is no longer going above and beyond. To stay on top of your competition, delivering the best customer experience is a given. According to the 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, “96% of global consumers say customer service is a significant factor in selecting which brands they are loyal to.”


Do you Need a Dedicated Case Management Solution?

Cases can be unpredictable. Customers raise tickets when the usual workflow is interrupted. These non-standard requests need to be organized in a structured manner, and that’s where a dedicated application comes into the picture.

Before looking at what an incident ticketing system is:

  • Does your support team handle cases efficiently?
  • Is your staff equipped with the right resources to solve the problem?
  • Are your customers getting the ideal service?

If any of these questions got you thinking, read on.

What Is an Incident Ticketing System?

An incident ticketing system has taken case management several leaps ahead of how it was done offline. It empowers enterprises with monitoring, notifications, faster case resolution, and analysis. In other words, they provide the organizations with the visibility needed to act on the incidents. The overall visibility can help in preventing a minor incident from snowballing into a major one; it can shed light on any gaps in the process. 

In general, the phases of incident response include incident logging, categorization, prioritization, and response.

How Can a Case Management Platform Help?

Speedy Dispute Intake

The modes of communication have grown in numbers over the years. Organizations have to be able to cater to all customers. An efficient incident ticketing system must allow logging incidents via:

On-time Dispute Resolution

Without a dedicated system in place, enterprises can suffer from delayed ticket resolution, backlogs, or even incorrectly assigned tickets. On the other hand, with the solution, the response and resolution time for any case filed in the system can be specified based on criteria like priority, category, etc.

Tracking Capabilities

A case can involve multiple parties: individuals within the organization or outside. A case file can include notes, case updates, messages, and documents shared between these individuals; this can be challenging to keep track of. A robust case management software can organize all this information for you.  A centralized storage location to track all the case-related details can come in handy for the case managers.

The repository enables case managers to handle incidents efficiently while being productive. Besides, with a built-in dashboard, organizations can gain visibility about the processes, audit trails, etc. The staff can be on the same page without having to access different systems or spreadsheets. 

Customizable Workflow

Solutions like Vuram’s Incident Ticketing System come with a feature to configure workflows. From approvals and appeals to case resolution can be done effectively and according to the case category and priority.

Promotes Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, multiple teams across the organization may be involved in resolving a case. A robust ticketing handling solution allows for clarifying queries across the system. Throughout the case cycle, the solution can help employees or support staff be on top of the case-related information and collaterals.

Analytics & Reporting Capabilities

The inbuilt reporting capabilities of the case management solution provide the metrics that shed insights on how to reduce the risk and where the process can be improved. The ability to track the case resolving time bolsters the insights required to improve the system’s turnaround time. You can prevent and reduce incidents from reoccurring. 

Are you looking for a solution that will fit your organization’s needs? Ticket handling can be faster, easier, and effective with Vuram’s Incident Ticketing System. It is a plug-and-play solution that helps organizations from any industry vertical handle incident lifecycle management efficiently. It is highly scalable as it is built on low-code capabilities. With this solution, you automate ticket creation, categorize, assign, and resolve complaints. 

In short, it can serve as a one-stop solution for ticket handling for organizations for whom tracking, reporting, and—most importantly—preventing incidents is of utmost priority. Stay up to date with all of the incidents occurring—even on client sites—remotely. If you would like to know more about the solution, please write to




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