Every success saga is unique; it has its own journey. There’s no preset recipe that’s guaranteed to brew success. There’s no elevator that takes you to the top at the push of a button. But behind any success story there are ingredients that make it happen; it could be anything: talent, intelligence, hard work, or strategy. It was no different with us!

A dream that began in 2010 and rolled into motion, has now grown and spiraled into something bigger. From humble beginnings that started out on the top floor of CEO Venkatesh Ramarathinam’s home, Vuram now has over 11 offices spread across India, USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Canada and Australia. Today, we’ve grown into an award-winning Appian partner that delivers BPM solutions and services to transform enterprises. We also work with emerging technologies such as RPA, AI and BI. Till date, we’ve built over 600 applications across 18 verticals and have a record of achieving 100% customer success. And there’s more to come!  Irrespective of the kind of achievement and where it came from, there is a common element that runs across Vuram that made it all possible.

So, what was our secret sauce? What drove us to our success? How did we get to where we are and are still going strong? The answer: Our People. 

While others chase deadlines and quarterlies, Vuram puts people at the heart of everything it does with an aim to nourish its people, customers and society. Bringing curious minds and passionate hearts together to redefine services, Vuram has created a happy and nourishing workplace with a distinct culture that gives freedom, encourages fresh ideas and perspectives, provide limitless opportunities and growth. Today, we are one of the best places to work – and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Vuram jumped 28 spots to earn Rank 16 in 2019 among India’s top 50 Great mid-size workplaces, ranked by the Great Place to Work Institute – and we couldn’t be happier. At Vuram, we take pride in the nourishing work culture we’ve fostered, and despite our numbers growing day by day, we’ve collectively ensured that we maintain our culture codes and uphold everything we stand for to make this Great Place to Work even greater.

Richard Branson said “Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with. True success should be measured by how happy you are.” And that’s what we strive to achieve by putting our people first.

Why is building a happy workplace important?

Many bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure culture to drive their financial success, where employee happiness is barely even considered. And it does work for the most part. But to what end? Research on positive organizational culture shows that in such high-pressure environments, productivity can take a massive hit due to low employee morale and stress. While most assume that pressure pushes employees to work harder, meet deadlines and achieve more, the toll it takes behind the scenes is often overlooked. Frequent doctor visits and absenteeism, lack of motivation to work, no job satisfaction can all snowball into a major business crisis, if not corrected. 

At Vuram, we take care of our people and have reinforced a positive culture since day one with the aim of building a happy workplace. Here, work is not a compulsion, but a pleasure. There’s freedom, good vibes all around, and a nourishing ecosystem that’s focussed on building each other up. Naturally, it shows! Happy employees make customers happy, and it creates a ripple that resonates with our success.

So, what makes Vuram a happy and nourishing workplace?

We thought it’s best to hear it from Vuramites themselves! Here’s what they had to say:

  • Freedom with Responsibility

Vuram places utmost trust on its people and provides full freedom with responsibility giving them the liberty to schedule work, explore new technologies or learning and make their own decisions. Nothing is restricted; there’s endless flexibility that gives Vuramites the freedom to grow! 

Athira Vinodkumar, Associate Technical Appian Consultant, says “Every corner of our offices exhibits so much vibrancy not just in terms of interiors but also in terms of the culture and ideas we foster. There are very few organizations that completely trust their employees and Vuram is absolutely one of them. Always standing up to our principle of ‘Freedom with responsibility’, I feel at home even though I am at work. This trust that Vuram has on all the Vuramites and our families inspire me to be at work every day and use the freedom given diligently.”

  • Respect for People

Most companies view employees as a means to an end; they’re regarded as a mere cog in the grand scheme of things. At Vuram, we don’t consider them ‘employees’, rather they’re people who define us and make us who we are. We care deeply for Vuramites and treat them with the utmost respect.  Karthik Nagaraj, Business Analyst, BPM Solutions Team says, “I love the way Vuram treats its people. Be it a new initiative in the company or understanding feedback for any implemented ideas, Vuram always makes sure to collect direct feedback or ideas from its people and collectively makes a decision. The way the company considers employee preferences creates a sense of ownership and responsibility in every Vuramite’s mind.” 

Vivek Sriram, Associate Technical Appian Consultant, says, “Accepting people how they are is important. Everybody is unique and it is respected in Vuram and that makes us more productive as we could completely focus on work more than debating how we will be judged. Here mistakes are not reprimanded, rather we’re allowed to make mistakes, learn from it and never repeat them”

  • Flat Organization

Hierarchy? What’s that? Vuram doesn’t have one and instead adheres to a flat organization structure. No mid-level managers ensure that every Vuramite takes ownership and has the freedom to make decisions. At any time, anyone can share their thoughts with the Management or ask questions. Tejal Trivedi, Technical Delivery Manager Appian says, “The principle I respect most is “Speak Up. NEVER ASSUME”. Vuram encourages everyone to reach out, to speak up to anyone in the organization. The designation is something, never comes to our mind while approaching a Vuramite. In addition, Vuram offers equality for real as we are involved in everything. We are a part of company decisions; we are the policymakers, the infrastructure makers and much more than just employees” 

  • Open Mind Policy

At Vuram, we don’t just have an Open Door Policy, but also an Open Mind Policy, where ideas and feedback are welcomed and considered from every Vuramite. Srinath Suresh, Senior Technical Appian Consultant says, “The historic Eden Gardens in Kolkata and Vuram have a beautiful thing in common – the bell. The only difference in it is that the former rings at the start of any event or a work whereas we ring it after successful completion of any work that we do.” But the story behind how this bell came into being from an idea submitted by a Vuramite is what demonstrates how, at Vuram, the power is with its people.

 Selvakumar Kumarasamy, Associate Technical Appian Consultant says “Vuram always encourages ideas from our people and strives for implementing it based on its feasibility. The analysis made on that idea will be massive, even if the idea is quite simple. It purely demonstrates the company’s interest towards its people’s voice. As far as I have heard, no other organization has a process like this and to me, this is what makes Vuram a great place to work.”


  • Family first

If there’s one thing that’s clear from everything Vuram stands by; its principles, values and culture, then it has to be Vuram’s regard for its people. And this extends beyond Vuram’s core family, to the families of Vuramites. Tejal Trivedi says, “Starting from personalized Vuramites care that includes their family members to ‘Thank You’ letters addressing family members being sent post various events, Vuram makes our family members feel like they’re a part of the organization.” One of the key highlights at Vuram is its annual Vuram Day – a grand anniversary celebration that takes place every year to thank Vuramites and their family for their support.  

Athira Vinodkumar says, “One special moment which I would always love to remember is how my father was so happy to be a part of Vuram Day; he loved the fact how Vuram thanks and respects all the Vuramites and their families as well. I also remember how each one of us was considered for the opening of our new Workspace in Chennai. We all got the opportunity to cut the ribbon of our work bays. Above all these, at the end of the day after I get back home from work, there is a complete sense of satisfaction that matters the most for any working person.


  • Fun at work:

Who says work has to be boring? Stress, strict timelines, no-breather workathons can take a heavy toll – and we know that! Vuram breaks the stereotypical tags attached to work by building a workplace where everyone is happy. Srimanta Pandit, Quality Assurance Appian Consultant, “Every day at Vuram is different, it’s not the monotonous kind. Different kinds of events are organized each and every day, which are generally learning or fun-based. I think that’s what makes Vuram a happy and nourishing place.” Right from indoor games to organized fun sessions, Vuram does everything to ensure there’s plenty of room to unwind, relax and get rejuvenated – and that’s reflected in the happy faces one gets to see in our offices! 

Srinath Suresh adds, “Anything that begins well, goes well and ends well. This happens every day at Vuram. You always feel good whenever you walk into the office. This feel-good factor drives you through the day.”

  • Sharing and caring

Despite being diverse and comprising people from various backgrounds, there’s a sense of oneness at Vuram. It’s not just a workplace, it’s one big happy family! Gokul Chinnasamy, Associate Technical Appian Consultant says, “The culture that is followed here is what makes Vuram a nourishing workplace. People here are friendly and treated equally and everybody is given opportunities to excel. At tough times, people put extra effort and help each other irrespective of the team they belong to. We uplift, nurture, share and care for others, just like a family would. The people who already work here, pass this culture to the new ones joining, and thus the organization stays to be a nourishing workplace.” 

  • Work-life balance

Think work-life balance is a myth? Or have you just accepted that you could have only one, but never both? At Vuram, work-life balance isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality. Srimanta Pandit adds an interesting take, “We must have heard a lot of stories about how your life will be changed once you enter the IT field or once you become a software engineer you will not have a work-life balance and it will mostly be a work-work balance. Well, in Vuram we completely try to eradicate this idea. Moving out of college and then joining a company to lead the professional life is always a huge transition, but I never felt that difference. Vuram, apart from work, always engages the employees in various day to day events. We also have our employee retreat and the Vuram Annual Day.” Vuramites are encouraged to pursue both their professional and personal interests, by respecting their time and passion not just within the workplace, but beyond it as well!

  • Nourishing culture

Vuram has a culture that fosters growth, nourishes every individual and inspires them to be better than the last minute. Beula Patricia A, Senior Technical Appian Consultant says, “Concerned with the prosperity of its people in all aspects is the one key thing which I admire about my company. The sense of belonging, personal support and care motivates me and every other Vuramite to strive for more. The environment by itself is a teaching factor for me on how we evolve by making others happy which includes customers as well as the society” Anitha, Senior Technical Appian Consultant adds, “We always make sure that people here are learning new things and ensure a career growth; all this, obviously with fun around. Also, in all situations, we will make sure that people come and leave the office with joy and satisfaction.” 

The best part is that this nourishing culture doesn’t just stay within Vuram, rather it extends outwards towards the community. Ramya Murugadurai, a part of the Humane Life team says, “A good workplace helps an individual to grow, whereas a great workplace helps the society to grow. Vuram has several initiatives right from supporting orphanages to people without shelter. Our home-grown Humane is a technological platform that helps to connect the donor and volunteer community to NGOs. I’m proud to be a part of a socially responsible organization.”

  • Meritocracy

At Vuram, great work deserves more than a pat on the back. Here, talent is recognized and duly rewarded! Priyadharshini Paramasundaram, Associate Technical Appian Consultant says, “Opportunities are not restricted in Vuram. The doors of Vuram are always open to showcase your capability. Added to that, the entire journey with Vuram helps to improve our versatility and expand our horizons by enabling us to take up other responsibilities beyond our scope of work”. By providing endless opportunities and positive career growth, Vuram brings out the best in every individual and enables them to pursue more and achieve better. There is no typical growth curve that takes years for fruition, because here growth is exponential, not linear. “Vuram is a place where growth is ensemble. In every step of us (Vuramites), there stands every one of us. I personally think that rewarding and encouraging environment is an aspect of Vuram that makes it a great place to work”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Vuram as a happy and nourishing workplace has a lot more to offer; it offers peace, satisfaction, joy, learning, friends, growth, a family, and most of all, a second home that you truly feel like walking in to, every day! 

Wish to be a part of this great workplace? We’d love to have curious minds and passionate hearts onboard! Visit our careers page or write to us at jobs@vuram.com




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