Vuram has been certified as one of the top 50 Great Mid-Sized Workplaces in India consecutively for the last three years. In this article, Suresh Kumar C, Director, People team shares his perspective on the unique people-centric work culture and what makes this recognition a deserving one.

Vuram’s journey toward becoming a Great Place to Work® certified workplace has been incredible over the years. Here’s a snapshot of our rankings:

  • 2018 – Vuram applies for Great Place to Work® certification and ranks 44
  • 2019 – Climbs to rank 16
  • 2020 – Jumps six spots and makes it to 10th rank

It has to be emphasized that this year around 869 companies across 29 industries participated in the evaluation involving over 21 lakh employees.

What Does Becoming ‘Great Place to Work® Certified’ mean?

Worldwide, Great Place to Work® certification is the benchmark that organizations vie to achieve. The institute assesses workplaces and ranks them based on cultural audit and their Trust Model©. The methods adopted and the assessment criteria analyze the impact of organizational culture on employees. In the process, an organization- and team-level employee experience is gauged through surveys that the employees fill.

Vuram’s Journey Toward Becoming the Happiest and Nourishing Workplace

Every year, based on the report generated by the Great Place to Work survey, we focus on fine-tuning on the areas that need improvement, be it hiring practices, welcoming our new hires, or inspiring our people. 

Apart from this, we proactively take several initiatives that help us shape up in a better way and maintain the unique work culture we have. For example, we regularly organize events and workshops to enrich and motivate our people during Saturdays; the events range from baking lessons to virtual chess competitions. We have a bi-monthly company-wide update where we maintain complete transparency in what happens in the organization. Due to COVID-19, we send out a daily survey on health status to all the employees. While these are just a few measures to enhance Vuram’s work culture, we make sure we record all the events when we apply for the certification.

A People-Centric Work Culture

At Vuram, we place our employees at the center of everything; it’s always ‘people over policies’. In fact, we do not prefer referring to them as employees. We use ‘Vuramites’ or—to the maximum—our ‘people’. Sometimes the support extended by the family members of employees is not recognized, let alone appreciated. Every year, at ‘Vuram Day’, we make sure we give our token of thanks to all the family members for the uncelebrated support they extend. 

We Listen and Let them Speak

We do not stop at promoting an atmosphere with a great work-life balance for our people. We encourage them to always speak up and contribute their ideas because communication is a two-way street. We regularly ask our people to fill surveys to understand what they think about the subject in question. 

Decision making is a collaborative effort: any decision we take at Vuram is arrived at after considering the input of all Vuramites. With every new initiative, we listen to what our Vuramites feel about it. Based on the response, we approach the execution. 

A Big Thanks to Our People

It’s a proud moment for all of us, and I take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the survey. I also would like to extend my thanks to the steering committee. On behalf of Vuram, I would also like to thank all the family members of Vuramites for the support they have given to us. This achievement would be impossible without the outstanding contribution of all Vuramites. They have helped us in being true to our value system and principles that direct us to our goal. For the passion each of us brings to the table every day, it is a very deserving recognition for all of us.

Though I’m happy that we have achieved incredible progress, there is a lot of ground to cover. Every day, we work toward making Vuram the happiest and most nourishing workplaces for employees. I hope all the talented people we recruit will also join us in making this dream continue. 

– Article by Suresh Kumar C, Director, People Team



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