The 2020 pandemic changed our perspective on several things – education, recreation, work and life in general. With a virus outbreak, it was impossible to get to work. Hence, with Work From Home (WFH) becoming the norm, technology started evolving to match this trend. For big enterprises and businesses, it is crucial to keep an eye out for emerging trends. Be it big data or AI, having the right technology can make all the difference in today’s digital world!

Here are 7 technology trends that are set to dominate 2021:

#1 Hyperautomation:

 With digitization comes the need for automation. Though problems won’t solve themselves, it is possible to develop technologies that tackle problems without any human intervention. Hyperautomation refers to the use of a combination of such technologies to transform the digital landscape for the better. While many organizations used various cutting-edge technologies in 2020, there were not lean, connected or optimized.

This year, Hyperautomation will gain even more prominence and leverage a combination of technologies to accelerate the digital business. Though the common misconception surrounding Hyperautomation is that it is designed to replace humans, the truth is far from it. Hyperautomation is aimed at letting humans focus on higher-value tasks and the bigger picture, with a focus on efficiency, efficacy and business agility. In the wake of a pandemic, Hyperautomation aims to give businesses control over their workflow, when most of their employees are working remotely.

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#2 Internet of Behaviour (IOB)

The use of data to influence behaviour and generating data based on behaviours is what Internet of Behaviour (IOB) is all about. The goal of businesses, no matter their vertical, is to connect with and appeal to their customer. However, this can only happen if said business knows the customer inside-out! From likes on Instagram to demographical data, a variety of such information is acquired to help businesses figure out their customer. While IOB does indeed bring up the question of ethicality and privacy, as long as the methods followed are right, both businesses and the customers can reap the benefits from this trend this year.

#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been elements of wonder for a long time. A concept commonly seen in movies, AI always evoked curiosity and awe in people. The past few years have seen AI become a reality and its usages diversify by the minute! From smartphone assistants to chatbots, AI is being used for activities simple and complex in nature. When it comes to technologies that boost profits, AI tops the charts! In 2021, we can expect to see AI engineering taking the next level and can expect it to become a lot more ethical, transparent, functionally easier and compliant.

#4 Cloud Services

Digital agility is what businesses worldwide want to attain with the COVID 19 pandemic around. With several businesses moving to cloud platforms, it is estimated that the global public cloud infrastructure will grow up to 35% this year. Likewise, many ventures have started migrating towards the hybrid cloud model. This allows businesses to take exactly what they want without having to adopt whole cloud technologies that aren’t relevant to their verticals. Public cloud providers like Amazon and Google have already started to tap into the power of hybrid cloud solutions!

#5 Anywhere Operations

 COVID-19 has shown humanity the potential held in remote working technologies. Prior to the pandemic, several believed that both productivity and functionality within a firm relied on being present physically. However, with physical contact and presence being dangerous, several other technologies have made working from home easier. These trends not only improve employee experience but also bring in greater returns for the venture itself. Apps like Slack and Zoom have made communication seamless while Google Drive and other storage applications have made handling data smoother! This is just a small example of the myriad software that have enhanced businesses on multiple ends.

#6 Cybersecurity Mesh

With a company’s workforce now majorly remote, security had become a thing of concern. This is what led to the creation of the cybersecurity mesh. A cybersecurity mesh allows you to place a ‘secure wall’ around your remote workers. This modular approach is a lot more scalable and effective, especially in the “work from home” scenario. Since perimeter protection is a thing of the past, utilizing a cybersecurity mesh will help businesses ensure their assets are secure, no matter the location, and their security scales with their venture! This trend is expected to boom this year.

#7 Intelligent Composable Businesses (ICB)

 The pandemic showed the digital world that only businesses equipped to handle sudden changes to their space will be able to thrive. Essentially, an ICB is a business that can adapt to changing situations and rearrange its composition to match current needs. Agility and split-second data-driven decisions are some of the most important aspects of an ICB. With the need to grow digitally more prominent than ever, organizations are forced to become autonomous and promote democratization across their businesses. If the traditional hierarchy persists within firms, a sudden change to the atmosphere could incapacitate them!

The new year brings with it a renewed outlook to business. A lean and clean approach is needed to thrive in the post-pandemic digital space we are witnessing today. Though the world is slowly adapting and businesses are standing back on their feet, those that don’t adopt the right technological means might find it harder to thrive in today’s markets. When in need of agility and digital automation, Vuram is the go-to. With expertise in Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Analytics and more, Vuram empowers businesses with hyperautomation services and solutions to solve enterprise problems and gives the digital assistance they need to succeed in today’s cut-throat digital landscape.

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