The COVID pandemic has certainly thrown life out of gear and altered the way organizations work across the globe. Its impact has resulted in many companies enforcing work from home and overhauling their policies. Some have even taken up drastic cost-cutting measures, are slacking back on numbers, have reduced hiring, and are finding it a struggle to keep up employee morale. These are indeed difficult times, and now more than ever, there’s a need for organizations to focus more on the people initiative and find ways to keep them engaged and driven to keep up productivity.

At Vuram, instead of doubling down, we’re doubling up and consider this challenge as an opportunity. Being deemed one of the happiest and most nourishing workplaces is not just a title to throw around, rather it has been our way of working. We imbibe our core values and principles in all that we do and have always put our people above everything else – and it’s no different now.  As the happiest and most nourishing workplace, we’re striving to keep our people safe, and at the same time, happy and motivated. We’ve launched several initiatives and have taken up numerous measures that allow us to stay connected with each other and happy, and passionate about the work we do, no matter how uncertain the times might be. 

Here’s a look at some of the insider happenings at Vuram that will give you a glimpse of our new way of working in a drastically-different environment:


Not backing down from its efforts to grow its family further, Vuram’s team has been working extra hard and reaching out to more job applicants and screening several profiles to rope in candidates. We know how important it is to have the right talent on board to help us carry our growth momentum when normalcy is restored. That’s why instead of downsizing, we’re focused on expansion. Shifting to a virtual interview format, the hiring process has undergone a revamp to fit the new landscape.  In addition, the onboarding process has also gone completely virtual with several new batches joining the organization in the last few months. We’re also hosting Vuram Greets in an all-new virtual format to allow new hires to understand our culture before they join in.


The clampdown on normal social activity and outings during the weekend means that our people are devoid of an outlet to destress. Vuram came up with an innovative idea to keep Vuramites and their families engaged during the weekend by hosting fun sessions that not just encourage bonding, but also provide the much-needed entertainment we find amiss. Sessions include cookouts with celebrity chefs, stand up comedy, singing competitions, dance, among a range of other fun activities. These sessions have proved to be a major hit and provide an excellent opportunity for Vuramites and their families to bond and be thoroughly entertained.



The lack of regular meetings, ice breakers over coffee, daily lunch hangouts, events, contests, among other fun activities can zap one of the energy and drive that comes with working in an in-office environment. Now with most of converting our homes into our workplaces, Vuram has identified the means to stay connected, despite being distributed across. Right from hosting fun events, contests, to virtual birthday and anniversary celebrations, Vuram has opened up all avenues to help Vuramites socialize.  Vuram Lunches, an opportunity for Vuramites to bond over food, has also taken to the virtual space. In addition, there are also regular organization updates and communication to ensure the entire company is in sync with each other and understands the happenings.


In times like these, there’s a need to stay constantly in touch with each other, and to make sure everyone’s safe, sound, and healthy. The impact of weeks of quarantine, the lack of social interaction, and the sudden shift into a work from home routine can snowball and impact general well-being and health. At Vuram, we value our people over everything else and have launched several initiatives to ensure their concerns are heard and addressed. Vuram Hears, the latest in our string of initiatives, has been set up to address grievances and identify solutions to it. Vuram has also scheduled one-on-one meetings with Vuramites to understand how they’re coping and resolve any challenges.


Vuram has always been a workplace that puts people first – and that’s how we’ve managed to establish ourselves as one of the happiest and positive workplaces. While the transition into a new work setting has been unsettling for many, we knew there was just one way to go – and that’s forward. What better way to determine our way forward than hearing it from our people who’ve shaped Vuram into what it is today? Vuram Works is a brand new initiative that focuses on getting people from all teams to think, strategize, and propose solutions to how Vuram should work now, and in the future. Instead of coming up with a one-size-fits-all policy, Vuram handed the power to its people, empowering them to decide the future course themselves.


It would be long before we return to a face-to-face training session, but that doesn’t mean we need to push off learning and training until we hope for normalcy to return. Vuram’s Center of Delivery Excellence (CODE) has switched to a completely virtual mode of training and has successfully transitioned into a virtual classroom setting, training several batches in various verticals such as BPM, Analytics, RPA, Quality Engineering, and other streams. And the training isn’t just restricted to new hires! Learning is a continuous process. At Vuram, we emphasize on constant growth and development and have been hosting regular learning sessions for everyone.



With most of us cooped up in front of our work stations all day long, are we somehow forgetting the idea of separating ‘work’ from ‘home’? We thought so too! Work from home can be challenging and stressful for many, and can even end up proving a lot more challenging than in-office work. There are time and space that needs to be set aside for some me time and to juggle between responsibilities at home and work. Vuram has been constantly encouraging Vuramites to prioritize work-life balance and has taken several measures towards the same. 

We recently introduced No Meeting Wednesdays to allow them to take a break from being bound to a headset and calls all day long. We’re also encouraging our people to take time off work at regular periods to spend quality time with their families. We’ve also eliminated any time-bound work hours, to give our people the freedom to define and plan their work. 


Vuram is planning on a phased return to the workplace, with limited offices opening its doors to a limited number of people. With stringent adherence to government norms and safety precautions, we’re taking the necessary measures to ensure a safe return to the workplace in a step by step, gradual manner to ensure there is no risk to our people. We’ve also provided the option to all Vuramites to decide if they want to come to the office or continue working from home. A new Workforce Safety Solution by Appian has also been launched, which enables smart automation for a safe return to the workplace. 


2020 has certainly been a tumultuous year and has been a strife with negativity. We know that it’s not been easy on any of us! We’re going the extra mile to keep our Vuram family safe, healthy, and happy by taking the necessary measures and spreading positive vibes. We’ve taken up the challenge in our stride and converted into an opportunity allowing us to live by and sustain our dream of building a happy and nourishing workplace. This has allowed our people to stay motivated, engaged, and continue to work with passion towards delivering excellence and top value to our customers. 

Learn what Suresh Kumar C, Director, People Team had to say in his interview with BW People where he discusses the importance of transitioning from a conventional to digital setting and talks about Vuram’s initiatives.

What do you think of some of the initiatives Vuram has taken up? What other initiatives do you think Vuram should take up? If you’ve got suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below.

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