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March 12, 2021Blog

What Is An Incident Ticketing System?

Incident ticketing system has taken case management several leaps ahead of how it was done offline. Read the article to understand more about how such a solution can benefit your enterprise....

March 3, 2021Blog, RPA,

Debunking the 5 Common Myths Surrounding RPA

Can RPA rob people of work? Is the technology too expensive? There are several myths perpetuated around Robotic Process Automation that has made users wary of the technology. We set the facts straight and debunk the most common myths...

February 26, 2021Blog, RPA

The Must-Know: Differences Between RPA and BPM

Among many technologies, business process management (BPM) has been integral to digital transformation over several years. BPM solutions focus on optimizing business processes so that they are streamlined and efficient. Before choosing...

November 30, 2020Blog, , , , , ,

5 Must-Have Skills Of A Business Process Management Consultant

Not every BPM consultant has the skill needed to drive your processes to maximum optimizations and fetch real ROI. Find out what skills you need to look out for in a BPM Consultancy to help you get the best out of your business processes....

June 29, 2020Blog, Digital Transformation, , , , , ,

Returning to the workplace post-COVID-19: How to get back to work safely?

As restrictions ease and a return to the workplace is imminent, proper planning, risk evaluation, and technology adoption are necessary to make the transition easy. Learn how you can ensure a safe return to the workplace while ensuring...

Robotic Process Automation
April 13, 2020Blog, , , , , ,

What is Robotic Process Automation and how can it benefit your enterprise?

Automation is the next big thing, and it can help enterprises unlock maximum levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy in work. Learn how implementing RPA can benefit your enterprise....

Business Process Management
October 15, 2019Blog, , , , ,

How can Business Process Management help your enterprise?

In a dynamic and competitive age, businesses find themselves at an inflection point. They’re left with only two choices: reinvent or lose out. And this means, their business processes In a dynamic and competitive age, businesses find...

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