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 At Appian World 2021, explore new and innovative possibilities on making the impossible possible. As the proud diamond sponsor of the event, Vuram brings these possibilities straight to you!  Let us show you how we can solve your enterprise challenges with a no-cost accelerated PoC built in just 5 days!


unlock unlimited possibilities with vuram 

Can you save your enterprise millions of dollars and bring in speed, agility and innovation? Can you build an app and get ROI within weeks? Is it possible to have a successful digital transformation strategy in place that yields real results? Yes! Vuram has a proven track-record in driving successful transformation and a 100% custtomer success rate. Take a look at what we have done for our customers!

Build apps





hours on an average per year 



increase in operational efficiency 

not new to appian? 

Whether you’re an existing Appian user looking for support/upgrade or are looking to optimize and enhance your existing digital transformation program, we can help!  Here’s how our 10+ years of experience in working with Appian can add value to your existing Appian programs:

business consulting

No matter where you are in your Appian journey, our consultants work closely with you on various facets such as business process analysis, identifying critical business domains, driving business ROI and more .

dedicated r&D and Support

Be it product enhancement, new development, integrations, upgrades to R&D, Vuram’s SWAT division provides expert application and infrastructure support to Appian programs

PLUG-N-PLay solutions

Why build an app, when you can simply plug an existing solution into your system and go live? We have a number of business accelerators  that can help you go from idea to outcome in no time!

architecture review

From solution design guidance, improving end-to-end user adoption to application refactoring / redesigning, our Architecture Review services can elevate your hyperautomation program!

center of excellence

Vuram comes with a rich experience in setting up technology Center of Excellence (CoEs), business enablement, standardization of practices, and continuous learning.

here’s a preview of what hyperautomation can achieve 



Our expert Narendran Thillaisthanam, VP, Emerging Technologies walks you through the concept and how it helps modern enterprises.


Can you imagine an app built in just 20 minutes? With low-code, you can build apps 10-20X faster. Watch a live demonstration of rapid app development


Learn how Gulf Coast SBA Lending managed to respond to the dynamic Paycheck Protection Program (Round 2) requirements at lightning speed.


 Our services have helped us maintain a 100% customer success rate. These 40+ case studies explore how we’ve overcome real business challenges. 

want to explore how hyperautomation can solve your specific enterprise challenge?

Get a no-cost PoC built in 5 days

We’d like to understand more about your business challenges! We’ll be happy to provide a no-cost, no-strings-attached accelerated PoC in just 5 days to demonstrate how our hyperautomation and low-code expertise can add value to your enterprise. Book a 30-minute consultation now.

join us at appian world 2021

If you’re looking to explore more possibilities on what Hyperautomation and low-code can unlock for your enterprise, connect with us LIVE at Appian World 2021.
– Live 30-minute office hour sessions with Vuram experts
– Hear from a Vuram customer on their experience
– Interact with us at our booth
– Value-added resources, schedule meets and much more. 

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