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Fast-track your digital transformation with the power of Appian’s low-code automation. Have a specific enterprise challenge?  Tell us more and we’ll demonstrate how we can solve it with a no-cost accelerated PoC built in just 5 days.

A global workforce of

Appian experts and consultants

A minimum 


Increase in operational efficiency achieved by all our customers

Fastest go-to market in less than


Our Plug-N-Play Solutions enable our customers to go from idea to ROI in as little as 2 weeks

A gold standard of delivering


Customer success. All our customers are 100% referenceable

Get a no-cost PoC in 5 days

Consult our experts to understand how Appian can solve your enterprise challenges!


    Vuram has consistently ranked high on its metrics thanks to the distinctive, innovative and people-centric approach to delivering next-gen Appian services.

    powerful automation, delivered fast with appian

    Imagine going from ideation to launch a custom application in just 8 weeks, while your competitor is still struggling with the first few thousand lines of code. That’s what Appian can accomplish! A pioneer in low-code development, Appian offers a simple, clean, effective and intuitive platform to create powerful solutions that can transform the way you operate.


    Create new apps up to 20x faster. Change them easily.


    Connect and enhance existing systems. View data in a single interface.


    Workflow, RPA, AI, business rules, and case management together in one platform.

    the vuram difference

    Delivering 100% customer success since 2011

    proven expertise

    18+ industry verticals served

    1000+ applications built

    135+  happy customers

    100% customer success


    Accelerate time to go-live by 35% using Vuram’s own pre-built components and accelerators. 

    HFS Hot vendor

    “Vuram is becoming a prominent global emerging player in integrated and intelligent automation services across a broad range of industries.”~ HFS Research

    support and R&D

    Dedicated operation and maintenance team to lend support and R&D team for rapid testing experimentation, and POCs

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    Digital Automation with Appian Saves 12,000 Hours within a year

    A leading global private equity investment firm that heavily relied on manual processes witnessed a surge in productivity by 20%, saved 12,000 hours and assisted 1,700 clients effectively in less than a year.

    Whitepaper: Low-code - How it's driving speed and agility in BFSI?

    – Why low-code in Banking and Financial Services?

    – Business benefit and impact created

    – Case Study: How a large wealth management company in Africa doubled transactions and reduced errors by 70% with Appian?

    Tech Talk: Adapting to change at lightning speed

    -Leveraging the potential of Appian’s low-code

    -Gulf Coast Small Business Lending’s Appian adoption journey

    -How low-code helped in dynamic response to Paycheck Protection Program (round 2)

    -Real world business impact of low-code

    10 reasons why low-code is the future of application development

    Reports indicate that the requirement and demand for application development will be growing as fast as 5 times the actual capacity of IT firms across the globe to deliver throughout 2021-22. 

    Find out how low-code will play a crucial role in meeting the demand.

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