Appian APAC 2020

The shift in modern-age market dynamics across industries demands speed, agility and adaptability, especially in such unpredictable times. How can you sustain change and drive enterprise transformation? How can you turn ideas into real ROI, real fast? In this Virtual Edition of AppianAPAC20, let Vuram take you on a journey of discovery and demonstrate how hyperautomation can transform your business rapidly.

Why attend Appian APAC 2020?

AppianEUROPE20 will teach you how to turn great ideas into business impact – faster than you ever thought possible. This year’s virtual event gives you the best seat in the house for the world’s premier conference on low-code automation. 

Oct 28 – 29, 2020 | Virtual Edition








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Our Hyperautomation services #PoweredByPassionatePeople have been delivering 100% customer success and driving top customer value since 2011. Meet us at AppianAPAC20 to know how we can enhance your customer experience, improve operational efficiency and empower you to respond quickly to the ever-changing business landscape.


What’s new at Vuram’s VirtuaL Booth?

The Virtual Edition of AppianAPAC20, has unlocked unlimited possibilities. Connect with us at the virtual booth to discuss your enterprise challenges, interact with our experts, get on-demand demos, explore our solutions, participate in exciting contests, and much more.


Meet up with the experts at your hour of convenience for demos and consultation.


A game of luck, with unbelievable prizes! Spin and win Vuram’s solutions/services free


Ready. Get set. Go live in days with our business accelerators. Find out more at the event

EXPERT-driven track sessions

Join in to get first-hand insights from experts who live and breathe Appian every day!

FUN-overload: Appian game Zone

Appian’s capabilities are limitless. Play fun games built on Appian and test its limits.

Appian APAC 2020

Recent launches

Meet us at AppianAPAC20 for Vuram’s recent launches – the Contract Management System and VATT – Appian RPA and be among the first to avail exciting launch offers and free trials

Join our BREAKOUT sessions

day 1: Case for a low-code intelligent contract management system

Most of the contract lifecycle management applications in the market offer highly specialized COTS/SaaS solutions that would not only require customers to move away from all of their existing investments but introduce a non-unified user experience. Using a low-code accelerator-based approach to contract management powered by Appian protects the existing investments, breaks down application “silos” and modernizes apps without the cost, complexity, delay, and pain of traditional system consolidation.
In this session, learn more about Vuram’s Contract Management System powered by Appian and how it can add value to your enterprise. 

day 2: Analytics on Appian: The Art of the Possible 

Do you want to predict your process completion or exception rates based on past trends? Join this session by Narendran and Bhargav and get introduced to powerful analytics and visualization capabilities that can be bundled inside Appian.

Whether the data is on the cloud or on-prem, whether you want to report on process data or transactions automated by digital workers (RPA), this session can provide you with the right details.

our speakers

Greg Adams

Greg Adams

Senior Director, Global Partner Solutions, Appian


Raghav Sriram

Raghav Sriram

Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Success, Vuram



Narendran Thillaisthanam

Narendran Thillaisthanam

Vice President, Emerging Technologies, Vuram



Bhargav Parnandi

Bhargav Parnandi

Architect, Analytics Division, Vuram



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