Vuram has a track record of delivering 100% success and top customer value since 2011. We have over 100 happy enterprise customers from 18 verticals scattered across 6 continents. But how is 100% customer success possible? Interact with our customers to learn how we’ve helped them succeed in their digital transformation programs using Appian. 

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Our customers have been using Appian for years and are available for interaction with you.  Feel free to ask them any question you want on Vuram’s engagement or their experience using Appian in their enterprise.

director of information technology

– A global technology and business service provider for telecommunication companies

His primary role in Appian is that of a Stakeholder. His team developed a process that manages 10K dropship orders per week with Appian handling importing the orders, determining best shipping method and processing of the order.

How did Vuram help the customer leverage the power of low-code? Hear it from him directly to gain his insights.

director, enablement center – BPM

 – A leading global private equity investment firm

With 20+ years of experience in the BPM space, she leads the Enablement Center, leveraging Appian BPM and integrating with several other technology stacks. She has rolled out 5 applications to production partnering with Vuram.

Learn more about her partnership experience with Vuram and discuss her journey with Appian BPM.

Chief transformation and Chief Operations officer | Hong Kong 

– An American worldwide health services organization

His role is to help the business maximize the use of Appian and its ability to create transformational change. As an advocate for change, he’s constantly looking out for opportunities to deepen the use of Appian as well as the executive sponsor driving the projects and delivery.

 Get more information on how he has been able to leverage Appian to bring about transformation and achieved success. Talk to him now!

domain owner

 – Africa’s largest privately owned investment management company

He has over 15 years of experience implementing IT systems across the Retail and Financial Services industries. Currently, he is responsible for implementing Appian.  The company has enjoyed great success both within their broader microservice systems architecture and amongst their users.

What was Vuram’s role in helping him successfully implement Appian in the company’s ecosystem? Connect now to find out.

technology manager | Appian

– A global technology and business service provider for telecommunication companies 

 In his role as a Technology Manager, he has been overseeing the company’s Appian program and successfully implemented an optimized process for order handling using Appian, thus maximizing productivity and results. 

 Learn more about his experience using Appian and how the partnership experience with Vuram drove the Appian program at his organization

coo, program manager and technical advisor 

– A reputed P&C insurance group 

The group adopted Appian very recently. In his role, he is constantly seeking efficiency gains and insights as a new adopter of the Appian platform and has been successful in its implementation. 

What was his experience being a new Appian user? Learn more by getting in touch with him today. 

Senior Business Process Engineer

– A leading global private equity investment firm

The firm has been leveraging the Appian platform for 2 ½ years. She has been the Program Manager from the onset and has played a key role in establishing an Enablement Center for this platform and setting up strategic and project roadmap for delivering enterprise transformation.

What was the key to delivering successful enterprise transformation using Appian? Find out.

Senior Vice President, Alternative Fund Services 

– One of the largest private banks in the United States

The  bank partnered with Vuram over three years ago to build a regulatory oversight application for 30 users.  He continues to oversee the build of the Appian platform and relies on Vuram’s expertise for design, development, and support for nearly 10 applications used by over 300 users and more than 100 clients.

How were 10 apps rapidly deployed? And what was his experience working with Vuram? Connect to find out!

AVP, Program services 

– A risk management leader specializing in accident and health products in US

She comes with a diverse background in employee benefits consulting, operations and management. She is involved in workflow and process improvement and account management at the organization and has been leveraging Appian’s capabilities.

Find out more about her experience working with Vuram and using Appian

Appian Product Lead

– One of the world’s leading financial groups

As the Product Lead on Appian workflow technology for the group, he has been spearheading several process optimizations. He is also a Lean Six Sigma Black belt professional and handles optimization of the processes before development.

Explore his journey with Appian and how he has been able to handle product development and process optimization

head of application development

– A leading B2B credit information provider in the GCC

As the Technical Project Manager, he has been involved in handling several key process optimizations and has been working extensively using Appian. His role as an Enterprise Architect has further enabled him to bring about several transformation initiatives. 

Learn more about Appian’s role in a credit bureau and all about Vuram’s service excellence.

application developer

– A leading B2B credit information provider in the GCC

How does Appian fare at the grassroots level? What do the primary users – the developers – have to say about its usage and speed? As an Appian Developer, he has gained extensive experience and knowledge of working with Appian and has been instrumental in delivering project success.

Find out more about his Appian development experience and how Vuram’s support made it all easier.

application operation

– A leading B2B credit information provider in the GCC

With Appian driving the core of the organization’s transformation initiatives, his role has been predominantly in ensuring application operation and carrying out technical project system analysis to ensure proper functioning and continuous system improvement.

Know how he has been involved in Application Operations and his journey with Appian so far.


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